How to deal with loneliness during corona virus self-quarantine

To be in peace with yourself is hard on a daily basis. Now that we are under quarantine for over 2 months, it is completely normal to feel a little lost and lonely, no matter if we are living with our family or someone we adore. We get it. You used to have a daily routine, plans, maybe even your whole life figured out and everything has changes in a matter of hours. The best thing you can do in this situation, especially if you decided, that it would be better for you to self-quarantine and get away from all human contact, has to be not letting loneliness bother you.

Loneliness is a feeling that does not have to occur when you are let’s say physically alone in a room. You may feel that way when you are surrounded by lots of people, on a concert, in the club, or even around your family sometimes. You feel lonely, when you have no one to talk to about what is really going on in your head, not just having a meaningless conversation; when you are not able to be fully yourself around people; when you feel misunderstood. As human beings it is really important for us to feel connection and have social contacts, even those who are introverted. It is in our nature, which is why it is important to address this issue, if you have it, during these unpredictable times.

It can be hard to be open and let yourself be vulnerable around other people, especially from a distance, but now is the right time for it. We believe everyone feels a similar type of way during quarantine, so talking to someone can not only free you, but can make them feel relieved and show them they are not alone in this. This may surprise you, but many people respond better to vulnerability, than to being cold and distant.  We have not heard of anyone, who can read thoughts, so whenever you are feeling something – say it!

Another thing you should do is prioritise your time. It may be tempting to spend the whole day laying in bed scrolling through social media, but is that really making you less lonely? We don’t think so. Instead of wasting time looking at how others are spending their quarantine and how “happy” they look on screen, you can use it to establish relationships with people that actually make you feel good and open up to them. Next time, before logging onto Instagram to look out for other people’s approval, try calling your best friend on Zoom and have that silly laughing session, that only the two of you can do. 

So often, when we feel lonely, we like to criticise ourselves for all the things that we don’t have and what we have not done. You may be single or unemployed, you may not have a close family member around or failed your school exam. Whatever it is, do not beat yourself up about it. Now is the right time to focus on yourself and on your positive traits, work on what you lack of and better yourself. Figure out who you are and believe that your are worthy and self-enough. Yes, it will not happen overnight, but we guarantee you, that when it happens, you will feel unstoppable. 

Do not leave yourself behind. In times like this it is easy to forget your daily routine and neglect simple things such as showering, eating, drinking water. It is even harder, when there is no one to check up on you and ask you if you are doing okay. Create a to-do list every morning, no matter how simple the tasks in it may sound and make sure that by the end of the day every box is going to be checked. Don’t forget to move your body as well. You don’t have to do HIIT workouts to feel good. A simple 10 minute meditation in the morning is more than enough. It may also help you clear out your head and organise your thoughts, which is a necessity during self-quarantine. 

Feeling lonely and misunderstood is totally okay. Keep that in mind and let yourself feel all the emotions you’re feeling. However, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember this is not forever and that even if you are all by yourself right now, you are not alone.