How to find your perfect lipstick using your skin undertone

With hundreds of lipsticks with different finishes and in different tones, finding a lipstick shade to best suit you can be an overwhelming task. Truth be told, yes, most lipsticks shades can suit everyone in one way or another. However, there is no better feeling than discovering that one lipstick that you feel like is made just for you. We have put together some top tips to help you whilst on the hunt for your perfect lipstick.

First things first, what is a skin undertone you ask? well it’s the natural colours underneath the surface of your skin. So, to determine your skin undertone, your need to find out what catergory you fall under and no matter your complexion your undertones will fall under one of three categories.

1- COOL – (red or pink)

2- WARM – (peachy, yellow or golden)

3- NEUTRAL – (a mixture of warm and cool)

If you’re stuck still on exactly what tone you are, try checking the colour of your veins.

Once you have determined your undertone, you are now set to find shades that best suit you, 


Tones that best suit cool skin undertones are lipsticks with blue and purple tones. Lipstick shades such as a cherry red and a rosy pink nude lipstick for a natural look. 


To best suit a warmer complexion go for more orangey red lipsticks and beautiful terracotta brown shades will enhance your skins natural complexion. 


A neutral undertone means that most colours compliment yours well, try lipsticks with a pink tint for fair shades, mauve for medium skin tones and berry colours for deeper skin. 

 Finally, it’s important to remember that there are no set “rules” in place so if you happen to stumble onto a shade you love that isn’t a shade within your skin undertone shade of lipstick, then go for it !

written by Rosie Pogson