How to get paid to recycle your beauty empties at Boots

Written by Madiy Warner

With sustainability at the forefront of conversation, big corporations are finally having to step-up and do their bit in an attempt to help reduce waste and pollution. 

Boots have recently come out with a recycling scheme that actually gives back!

Garnier (in partnership with Terracycle) and Maybelline both already have systems in place where you can drop of your beauty product empties at various locations across the country including supermarkets, churches, schools and more. 

However, Boots have gone one step further by offering points in exchange for empty products. 

But first, why is it so important that we use one of these services rather than just popping our empty products in our recycling?

Simply, this is because lots of our recycling doesn’t end up being recycled as it is not compatible with standard machinery. 

The Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs published a document in 2020 which stated that in the UK, currently only 44.5% of waste from households is recycled. 

Beauty products are often very complicated to recycle due to the mix of materials used, such as plastic, aluminium and glass, and their small size also means that lots of conventional machinery cannot break them down in the right way. 

So, how can you get points for taking your empty products to a Boots store? 

First, you need to find a participating store near you. There are only currently 50 stores across the UK offering the service so it may not be convenient if none of the stores near you are included. 

Then, once you have finished the product, simply head to the website, take a photo of the product and upload. It will then give you the chance to choose the brand and packaging type and it will then tell you if it is accepted. The site doesn’t just accept brands stocked at Boots, but is missing some smaller brands currently. 

Once you have five accepted products, all you need to do is take them into a participating store, find the collection point and follow the instructions. 

Once done, you will receive a voucher to redeem at the till with 500 points – that’s £5!

You can only drop of 5 products per day and 8 drop-offs per month but that is up to £40 a month in points if you go through lots of products!

A few issues we have noticed:

As great as the service is, sometimes the drop-off can be classed as unsuitable and you will not receive the points.

The team at Carbon have had this happen a few times and what we have noticed is:

  • Make sure that the photo clearly shows your product is empty as if it looks full they will not accept it. 
  • It isn’t clearly stated but when depositing a sample sachet (which they do accept!), you must do five in one picture and product upload for them to count. 

But other than that, happy depositing! Let us know how many points you manage to receive!