How to get some sunshine bronze even in the thick of winter.

With winter weather coming into full swing, are there still ways to achieve that summer bronzed colour that we all love, without having to leave your house? The answer is yes, here are 7 fake tans that everyone is currently obsessing about.

When it comes to finding your perfect fake tan there are a few things that you may need to consider; first starting with the shade of your tan. Are you wanting to go for a more subtle sun kissed look or a deep bronze? With also considering the fact of whether you’re into a mouse application, a nourishing lotion or whether you want to have a go at the new water formulas. There are so many fake tans to choose from, so to make it slightly easier for you we have collected some of the most desired fake tans right now. Ranging from all different formulas, finishes, low price range too high; there is absolutely no chance you won’t find your perfect fake tan within this mix.

Tanologist Self-Tan Water £13.99

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to fake tanning this product is suitable for pretty much everyone. With it being assessable in 4 shades; Gradual, Light, Medium and Dark there is no stopping you from achieving your desired end result. The vitamin infused water formulated tan is easy to apply, has multi-purpose use and is completely non transferable. Simply apply the fake tan with a tanning mitt of your choice, leave on for 1-4 hours depending on how deep you want your tan to be. then rinse off to finalise and lock in your summer colour.

Available in store or online at Superdrug –

Bondi Sands GLO Matte One Day Tan £9.99

This product gives you that instant Maldives tan without even having to leave your bedroom. If you are wanting that instant tanned look without having to go through the lengths of sleeping in it, washing it off and letting it dry then this is the tan for you! Bondi Sands matte one day tan is super easy to apply, streak free and dries instantly giving you your desired look in under 10 minutes. Simply apply and rinse off when you’re ready to say goodbye to your golden glow.

Available in store and online at Superdrug –—Matte-One-Day-Tan/p/763370

Solait Fake Tan £4.99

Who said fake tan had to be expensive? Superdrug’s own, Solait tan offers affordable price points while still giving out impeccable results. This fake tan will give you that deep bronze colour without having to max your credit card. This product is non greasy, quickly absorbed, streak free and long lasting helping you to maintain that all year round tan. Apply the fake tan all over preferably with a tanning mitt, leave on for 4 hours plus, depending on how dark you want your tan to be. The simply rinse off in the shower and you’ll be forever bronzed. Solait tan is available in Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark with there also being an express option if you want more of an instant effect.

Available ONLY in store and online at Superdrug –

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Mousse £19.95

This tan has all the social media influencers raving about it. Isle of Paradise has been a brand that people have been obsessing about for years, and it completely makes sense, especially with this specific product. This tan gives you that perfect deep colour that lasts for as long as you maintain it as well as it being water resistant, absorbent and packed with hydration. Simply apply all over in circular motions making sure to work the product into your skin; the tan will then develop in 4-6 hours and you’ll be ready to go. In the meantime get into some comfortable clothes, grab a hot chocolate and put on your favourite movie while this tan works it’s magic.

Available in store and online at Boots –

St.Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse £33

Let the experts show you how it’s done. St.Tropez has practically owned the fake tanning world for decades, with each and every product they launch becoming better and better. However, this product will be hard to top; this express tan gives you that instant natural colour without even having to try. This tan may be pricey but let me tell you it’s 100 percent worth it; whether you’re in a rush or maybe you struggle to apply fake tan there is no way of making mistakes with this product. With it being streak free, water resistant and incredibly long lasting you’ll be glowing like you’ve spent a week away in the South of France. Simply apply, leave on for 1 hour plus; depending on your desired colour finish and then just lightly rinse off in the shower to secure that bronzed colour.

Available in store and online at Boots –

Filter by Molly-Mae £20

Molly-Mae what can’t that girl do. After Love Island we all craved that Molly-Mae tan, so when she launched her first tanning line I think you can say we all freaked out. With this tan only being launched under a year ago, it’s safe to say it has completely taken the fake tan world by storm with everyone wanting to get their hands on it, but why? Filter is a nourishing tan that has an effortless, blurring, streak free formula that not only looks incredible in person but also performs great on camera. Leaving you with zero imperfections and that classic summer nights tan. With it now being available in 3 shades; Medium, Dark and Extra Dark there is a colour for everybody, so there’s no excuses to not try this out.

Available online at Filter by Molly-Mae –

Skinny Tan Mousse £21.99

No more pale days with this tan. Skinny Tan is on the horizon of becoming one of the most desired tans with it being super easy to apply and having a wider range of colours from just one bottle. This tan doesn’t work in shades, it’s created that you apply and leave on for however long you desire depending on the kind of look you want to achieve. With the longer you leave it on the darker and deeper the tan is to least the more light and subtle it is. If you’re unsure with where to start off and possibly you are feeling slightly nervous about fake tanning this is a great product to start with. The light, fluffy formula applies in seconds and develops just to how you want it, finishing with a natural looking, healthy tan that will have you fooling everyone.

Available in store and online at Superdrug –

Now it’s your time to decide, which fake tan will you be purchasing for yourself this winter season?

Written by Dannie Copperwheat xx