How to make at home waxing more bearable

Written by Madiy Warner

We are in the midst of another lockdown meaning that our most recent waxing appointments at the salon are fading into a distant memory. I’m sure many of us are even debating picking up a razor due to the uncertainty of when we will be able to get our next appointment. 

But, fear not! 

As a qualified beauty therapist with over five years experience in the beauty industry, I am here with all my favourite tips and tricks to make waxing from home that little bit easier. 

1. Don’t skimp on your products

It can be so tempting to pick up whatever is on offer in your local supermarket or worse…Ebay (unregulated products filled with who knows what if you’re not careful!). 

So I would suggest heading straight online to Sally Beauty to buy trade standard products that may actually have been used on you in the past. This is going to set you up well to achieve the most successful and more importantly, pain free results.

2. Choose the right wax for the right area

Put simply, warm wax is for the less coarse hair, so legs. I would thoroughly advise using roller wax for this as it is so convenient, straightforward and almost completely mess free, even for beginners! 

Hot wax is for stubborn hair, this means the bikini and underarm. You will need a kit with a pot for this which can be an investment to begin with but worth it if it is something you will use for a long time.

Facial waxing can be done with either so I would recommend just using whichever type you have on hand. 

3. Temperature

This is simple but if the wax is too cool or too hot, it will not be able to adhere to the hair properly and will often then be more difficult to remove. 

Hot wax should be around 60 degrees and warm wax should be around 68 degrees and you will be able to choose this on your pot/roller.

4. Prep and aftercare

These products aren’t just gimmicks for brands to make more money, they actually have important purposes that aid how successful and painless your waxing experience will be. 

Pre-wax cream helps soften the area including the follicles around the hair, making the hair come out more easily. While post-wax lotion helps soothe any redness and sensitivity on the skin as well as removing stickiness and excess wax as there is no worse feeling that walking around with your clothes sticking to you after a wax!

5. Hold the skin tight, I mean really tight

Finally, my most important bit of advice. Pull the skin taut, and hold it as firmly as you can with one hand so that the skin has no slack or movement. This is vital and is often the cause for any pain, bruising or even tearing of the skin which can occur if the skin isn’t held correctly. 

When waxing areas with more excess skin, such as the thighs or even around the underarms. I always get the client to help by using at least one hand in the area to pull the skin taut as this really helps to reduce the pain and get a more successful result. 

You’ll be surprised but will notice a huge difference if this was not something you were doing before as it really reduces the pain. I would even recommend getting whoever your lockdown buddy is, if you have one, to help you. I’m sure will make for another great bonding experience that will bring you closer together and give you a lot to laugh about!