How to switch up your skincare for winter.

Out with the old and in with the new, skincare addition.

Cosy nights snuggled up with a hot chocolate is a fantasy most people have of winter. From these warm and fuzzy moments, we are usually oblivious to how impactful the winter months can actually be towards our skin.

Harsh weather, dehydrating central heating and the constant movement between the two, can leave you with dull looking skin and further breakouts. Just how we revamp our wardrobe for the winter months, it is also important to care for your skin by introducing new skincare. Here we have chosen the best student friendly products to keep your glow up all year round.

Make time for a mask

Garnier Fresh-Mix Brightening Face Sheet Mask £3.99

Finding 20 minutes in your week to relax with a facemask on, will have instant results in your skins overall texture. In winter it is all about ramping up the hydration, therefore Garnier’s hydrating sheet mask is a quick and easy way to keep both you and your skin happy. This mask is filled with active ingredients, including Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, natural origin acid AHA, and natural potent extracts. This formula is proven to have a long lasting effect in retaining the water in your skin, perfect for the harsh winter days. Oh, and it is vegan too!

Available in store or online at Boots –

Did someone say chemical exfoliant?

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion Exfoliant £23.80

If you are using physical exfoliants in your skincare routine, it may be time to transfer to a chemical exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants are slowly taking the beauty industry by storm, as they are proving to be safer, and more gentle to the skin than most physical exfoliants. Being kind to your skin is essential in winter as we come in contact with the harsh weather daily. Therefore, using a chemical exfoliant from Paula’s Choice will gently remove any dirt built up and dead skin cells. This product is also a YouTuber’s favourite plus, is now on sale with 15% off. Don’t wait around, take action to secure a long lasting, youthful glow.

Available online at Paula’s Choice

Lip balm loving

Glossier Balm Dotcom £10

Despite only launching in 2014, Glossier is a beauty brand favourite for millennials in the UK, and never fails to impress. Their latest release is a must have this winter. It is ideal for travel and last minute beauty top ups.

Keep it fresh and simple this season, with Glossier’s limited edition ‘Wild Fig’ flavoured lip balm. A hydrating product filled with natural emollients and antioxidants to deeply nourish and plump dry or cracked lips. The wild fig lip tint boasts a deep coral colour and is appropriate for all skin tones and types. Because this is a tinted lip balm, you won’t need to splurge on a lip stain or lipstick. In addition to ‘Wild Fig’, Glossier also has a range of 8 other original shades to spoil yourself with this winter.

Available online at

Try an oil/serum

Freck Lil Prick Cactus Seed Dry Serum £33.50

If you haven’t introduced a serum into your skincare yet, now might be the time to see what the hype surrounding beauty serums is all about. For winter, we recommend the cactus seed dry serum as it is unbelievably nourishing, without being greasy. What makes this product essential, is the undoubtedly rich count in vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. For reference, this serum contains a cocktail of cactus seed, apricot seed, marula seed and raspberry seed oils – perfect for rejuvenating any dull complexion. Simply apply twice a day to a dry face, and watch the results boast your skin and mood.

Available online at Beauty Bay –

By Jessica Vistuer