How To: ‘Tiktok’ Robe Curls

Stop using heat on your hair now with this innovative way to use the rope from your dressing gown!

The Youtube video shows you how to create and perfect the classic ‘Tiktok’ robe curls everyone raved over during the first lockdown… Now the second one has approached, it’s time to master these beautiful coils!

What goes around comes around.

Trends go around in circles. Before heated tongs were around, people devised all sorts of resourceful ways to create the perfect curls. From socks, to old rags, to simply plaiting the hair a certain way, curls and waves have always been on trend! Thanks to Covid 19 and the rise of the Tiktok empire, heatless styles have come back and they are better than ever. Our favourite are the robe curls using the rope tie from a dressing gown as it is a one step process and long enough for any length of hair. Plus who hasn’t got a dressing gown, right?

Who says you can’t get up and feel your best instantly?

The idea of a second lockdown is less than comforting but it doesn’t mean you can’t wake up and feel your best everyday. These heatless curls are a perfect addition to making you feel beautiful without having to worry about the potential damage it could be doing to your precious locks. A quick ten minutes is all you need to wrap your hair up- all you have to do is remove it in the morning and have instantly voluminous, bouncy curls that will last all day! Start out with freshly washed hair and take care to maintain them and they should last for a couple of days. Once they start to drop, they make for a gorgeous beachy wave; but if you’d rather a bouncy coil just rewrap your hair again in the evening ready for the morning for refreshed curls. Just run your fingers through them to avoid knots and tangles- don’t use a brush as this may cause some dreaded frizz which is a lot harder to tame once the hair is curled.

Forget the frizz and the drama!

Hair is such an important attribute to looking and feeling put together, but why spend an hour creating the perfect hair with multiple tools and time you don’t have in the morning when you could wake up with beautifully polished hair? Forget it! Wether you’re getting ready for an important Zoom meeting or rushing out the door for essential work in this lockdown, you’re too important to be wasting time on curls that could drop or go frizzy in a couple of hours. Instead, just spritz your robe curls with a bit of hairspray to protect them from the rain and watch them last for hours.

For added volume and shine…

An expert tip is to add some dry shampoo to the roots to give some body to the crown of the head and nicely frame the face. An oldie but goodie is Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush – Floral & Flirty (400ml). At £4, it’s a steal- it cleans the hair while rejuvenating the hair’s natural volume. Nourishing oils like Argan or Moroccan oil is a great way to give some added shine and moisturise the ends too. Our fave is The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil (30ml). At £5.31 it’s great for those on a student budget!

By Marlena Eckhartt