Just Add Water is The New Skincare Buzz

Since the pandemic, consumer demands have evolved, with desires for a simplified routine being called for. Over complex routines such as the twelve step K-beauty skincare regime have disappeared, with a new K-beauty trend taking its place, promising a longer shelf life, accelerated sustainability and a higher concentration of active ingredients. 

A recent article by In Packaging states “The beauty industry is the top offender for creating plastic waste, contributing to 120 billion units of packaging every year”

Despite this, a new generation of sustainable skincare brands are emerging, with a drive to eradicate plastic from the beauty industry. This innovation has been nicknamed Waterless Beauty, enabling brands to diminish both the water content of products and the wasteful packing it comes in. 

Particular brands that have jumped on this trend include; Tatcha, The Ordinary and Fresh

Tatcha – Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder (£75)

The Ordinary – 100% Niacinamide Powder (£5)

Fresh with their Vitamin Nectar and Vitamin C Glow Powder 30-Second Foaming Facial 12pk, (£48)

Benefits of these products can be endless, with customisation and sustainability at the forefront. By adjusting the amount of water added to these powder products, consumers can create a serum, cleanser or even scrub, eliminating the use for multiple products. 

With more skincare brands than ever evolving and creating new products that push the boundaries of normality, could powder skincare be the turning point for the beauty industry? and will you be trying any yourself? 

By Georgia Milligan