Lash lovers rejoice! The ultimate guide to false lashes

As places start to open up again in a few weeks and we have chance to do something different other than go for a woodland walk, I thought I would bring to you the ultimate lash guide for any occasion you could think of. 

I’ve definitely tried and tested my fair share of false eyelashes, they’re a big part of my makeup routine. I think they add just a little something to your makeup look, here are my favourite false eyelashes for any occasion. 


It’s mid-November, it’s cold, there isn’t much else to do than go and grab a coffee with your bestie or boyfriend. We still want to look cute, so Ardell Demi Wispies are subtle but still gives you that extra definition. So easy to apply, they have a really flimsy lash band which makes them effortlessly bend to your natural eye shape. Pair with a natural wash of colour through your crease and you’re good to go enjoy your chilled day out. 


I don’t know about you, but going out for drinks with my friends is one of my favourite occasions to get dressed up for. We’re going to be out for the evening so we want an eyelash we don’t have to worry about, to stay firmly in place all night, but still give us more of a dramatic look. Doll Beauty “Esmerelda” lashes are perfect for this, they’re winged out, the slightly longer length and the thicker lash band are amazing for when we’re wearing heavier eyeshadow too. Bring on the 2 for 1 cocktails! 


For this occasion, we want something fun and flirty, something more in the middle of the two previous lashes mentioned. Unicorn 3D Faux Mink Lashes in L.O.T.D are wispy and spaced out, one of my personal favourites. Unicorn lashes are a tad long, so don’t be scared to cut them down to the perfect length to suit your eyes. Unicorn lashes have an amazing range of lashes guaranteed to suit anyone too, go and check them out. 


The first date with someone new is very important so obviously, we want to look our best! First dates can be so nerve-wracking, they could potentially lead to something really good so we want to make a good first impression. What I would recommend is, if you already have a pair of lashes you know and love I’d say definitely go with them! But light and fluttery lashes might be best, and House of Lashes “Iconic Lite” is the perfect eyelash for this occasion, they aren’t too long, but give you enough length and definition to keep your date’s eyes on you the whole night! Good luck gal. 

Written by Holly Houghton