Lipsense is the smudge proof, waterproof, indestructible lipstick you need in your make-up bag.

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YOUTUBE VIDEO – Review and vlog of my day to test out Lipsence for myself; does is really last as long as they say?

Written By Emma Jade Clifford

Some of you will know what I’m talking about when I say Lipsense, but some of you poor girls and boys won’t know anything about it. Well, that’s why I’m here today to save the day and enlighten you all on this magical product; once you’ve applied this lippy to your lips, there’s no need to carry it around with you just in case you need to reapply because this lippy DOES, NOT, BUDGE! Just apply 3 thin layers and your good to go kiss, lick or drink anything you desire – obviously within reason. But, what I’m trying to say is your lippy will last all day and still be completely flawless by the time you come to remove it when all the fun ends.

So, now I’ve got your attention, I’m just going to give you a little more information about this product so you can fall in love just like I did:

What is Lipsense?

Lipsense is an 18-hour lipstick that once applied correctly, it will not budge! They say:

“It’s waterproof and does not kiss-off, smear off or budge off”.

Your chosen colour comes in a kit with 3 products; the lipstick, moisturising gloss and the remover, this is used to take off the lipstick when you’ve made mistakes during application or at the end of the day. That’s how indestructible this product is! The beauty of this set is you can have different shades of lipstick and build it up to create your own colour, or even create a design on your lips. Because once it’s set, it’s there for the day. Lipsense is also gluten free and cruelty free, so already has my vote #savethebunnies.

About Lipsense

Lipsense is an American brand that has only just come over to the UK. But like many other beauty products you can just purchase online or go to your local Superdrug or Boots, Lipsense is slightly different; they have distributors across the UK that work for the brand, getting them customers and promoting their products for commission. A little bit like Avon; there are hundreds of facebook groups who are run by these women; that sell Lipsense for a little extra money, or even for a new career path.

Especially in these uncertain times at the moment, 2020 has been very unkind to us, so buying from smaller businesses rather than the big international companies that are thriving under the new digital world we now live in. Time to give back to the little guys; this will really make an impact to someones daily life, creating security and an income.

So, on that note the beautiful lady that sold me my Lipsense was Nicky, she runs her own facebook group called “Magic Lippy Nicky”. So, if you want to go check it out for yourself then just click the link and go have a browse.

The lip-kit bundles come to the price of £55. Or sold separately cost £25 each. Which is a little pricey but the distributors do amazing deals for their loyal customers and provide raffles daily for your chance to win one; for £2 a ticket you can win the whole lip-kit bundle! 30 tickets available and a £55 lip-kit awaiting at the end of it. Bargain!


So, if you haven’t already; watch the YouTube video I have tagged at the top of the page. I gave my honest opinion on Lipsense and I put it to the test. I applied the lipstick and carried out a vlog of my day to see how well it lasted by the end. Obviously, a day in the life of lockdown wasn’t as exciting as I hoped for, but I hope it gave you a little more understanding of the product.

Lipsense is the best long lasting lipstick I’ve ever used and can’t wait to enter more raffles to see if I get lucky and can add to my collection.