Makeup artist guide on how to clean your brushes

Do you remember exactly when you last cleaned your makeup brushes? Or have you been putting it off for much longer than you would want to admit? Either way, this article stresses the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes WEEKLY, to prevent rashes, spots, skin irritation and signs of aging. Because of COVID-19, ‘maskne’ is now a commonly used term which is another factor causing breakouts. With an infrequent brush cleaning routine and the constant wear of masks, your skin will become extra sensitive and prone to breakouts. Read further to find out how to target this…

Our beauty experts at Carbon have made a guide on how to clean your makeup brushes to professional standards, ensuring beautifully hygienic brushes and flawless makeup application.

  1. Wash

Place each makeup brush under lukewarm running water. After this, transfer the brush into a small bowl of silicone free shampoo before rubbing the bristles with your fingers.

2. Swirl

Take the brush back to the running water to remove excess shampoo and dirt from the brush.

3. Repeat

Chances are that you will not be able to remove all the dirt in the makeup brush from doing this once. So repeat steps 1 and 2 to ensure a perfectly clean makeup brush.

4. Dry

Squeeze the water out of the makeup brush before placing on top of a flat towel. Line each makeup brush across the towel and either keep the towel across the floor as is, or roll the towel up. Your brushes should take the rest of the day to dry – so make sure you are not in need of them that day!

The most important thing to remember is to clean your brushes weekly… as a minimum. Yes, guys and girls, it may seem like a time consuming chore, but it will prevent premature aging and can completely transform your makeup game.

Here is how your brushes should be looking before and after our step by step guide.


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If you are experiencing breakouts, this may be linked to the infrequent cleaning of makeup brushes. However, if you are certain this is not the case, we recommend heading over to our article ‘What is your acne telling you?’.

By Jessica Vistuer