Makeup bags, which one do you choose?

Makeup bags appear in most women’s possessions and in this generation some boy’s possessions as well. Even if there’s little make up to multiple bags to home all the products. These days make up is a most in a lot of people’s lives and is a day to day necessity. From doing makeup for fun, doing it as an artist, or doing it to make you feel good for yourself or going out makeup makes women’s creativity go wild. From natural to dramatic looks. In the case of an artist doing makeup a big suitcase full of makeup is probably what you need so having one that suits you best is important. There are plenty of designs to make you happy Make up bags come in small to large. They also come in different designs. Clear plastic to fabric designs, clear plastic makeup bags allow makeup to be seen through the bag so when it comes to wanting a product it is easy to see in the bag where it is. Even if it is a sharpener or lip liner covered with makeup brushes or other bigger products it is easy to pick up the bag and look for it. When caps come off products for example foundation, it is very likely to spill on the sides of the bag so having plastic makes it easy to wipe off the mass and clean up the bag just with water and a tissue. With fabric bags, it isn’t easy for the products to be seeing but when it comes to the design of the bags there are can be so money. Designer makeup bags with the brand name on them can be popular, plain or with the design on them. It can make a nice static look on the place where make up is applied. It is harder to clean fabric or leather makeup bags as the lining is harder to clean and spillages can’t just be wiped off so the bag will just have to be put in the wash. 

A more popular opinion in some university students was having clear makeup bags. It is easier to clean and some bags are very cheap. There are easy to store and having different sizes of the plastic makeup bags can make it easy to separate different products and store easily. For on the go make up small travel bags is very handy to have plus you can just pop them in any other bag or just have them by your side. And just popping the necessities into a travel bag on the go is much easier than bringing a whole bag full of your makeup which won’t all be used.  Travelling can make it easier with plastic as that is what is allowed to fly on an aeroplane, so changing bags isn’t an issue. Organisation as well makes life easier, so some fabric/leather makeup bags have different compartments which makes separating the products you have easier. 

The choice of a makeup bag sometimes always comes up to how much it costs as some people would prefer to cheap items out however some other people would like an item to stay for a very long time which means this item may cost a lot of money. Statistics show that a woman on average spends $313 on her appearance. This means that there are a lot of products which needs to be placed in a makeup bag. If the consumer follows the latest trends then what makeup bag they have, lies in the hands of what trends are in at that time. This could result in the brand or the style. The Trend in 2022 for makeup bags leave a lot of choice for consumers to choose from, this results in: Calpak Mini Clear Cosmetic Case, Huda Beauty WISHFUL Skincare Travel Bag, Kusshi Signature Makeup Bag and Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Makeup Organizer. These bags come in different shapes and sizes and they also have different price tags to them which means consumers have the choice of a lot. depending on how they want to upkeep the bag clear makeup bags still seem easier to upkeep and clean.

By Tierney Rocks