Makeup for Men

The topic of Makeup is daunting to any man, but what we want you to realise is that using makeup can be achieved in a way of just enhancing what you already have, rather than just showing off creatively. Here are five steps to achieving the perfect face, without looking like you have anything on.

Written by Lucas Smith

Shaping Brows can Improve your Entire Face

Although plucking out the odd hair and cutting the right areas will look amazing, maybe leave it to the professionals, post-isolation… you know, just in case! In the meantime, we recommend a clear brow gel to hold your brows in the shape you like. Just brushing through can lift your face and make you look much more awake and sculpted. Using the gel to do this will just make sure they look like it all day without adding any unnatural looking colour.

Using a Tinted Moisturiser and Fake Tan to Naturally Contour anything you Want

Depending on your skin’s level of sensitivity, we recommend using a tinted moisturiser (for beginners) to bronze up the contours of your face and even lips for more of a natural face sculpt. Just make sure you’re blending it out to look like there is almost nothing there, so you can build if you need to.

Concealer and Powder- Less is More

The best choice for concealer is to match your skin tone as exact as possible. The more it blends into your skin, the better. This means you can use it as a spot treatment in areas you want to conceal, without having to worry about odd shadows of colour in certain areas. Setting this area is best with a translucent powder, (colourless powder) which will keep it in place all day as well as smoothing out the area in the process.

Setting Spray- The More the Better

This will blend all of the products into the skin even further and, if you buy a spray with a glow, will also give you a skin-like glow to add health to your now blemish-less face.

Tinted Vaseline or Gloss to Make your Lips look Naturally Prominent

This isn’t for everyone but adding the slightest shine and red tint to your lips will enhance your natural lip shape and make your lips more healthy yet appealing.

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