Mani Monday – The best DIY ideas for the perfect nails at home

During lockdown I’m sure, everyone has been struggling by not being able to go to the salon. Well, don’t panic! We’ve come up with the best DIY ideas for those perfect nails straight from your own home, and you only need a few supply’s!

1. A colourful splash!

Add a little colour onto your hands, with this colour splash mani. Simple, sweet and stunning! Create this look from your own living room with these simple steps!

All that you will need:

White nail polish for the base

Your favourite shades of nail polish

One stiff paint brush or an unused toothbrush

Some cotton swabs

Nail polish remover

Step by step guide:

Start by applying a base coat of white nail polish.

Pick up your stiff paint brush and dip it inside one of the colours of your choice, and then pour out some nail polish onto a clean surface and then dip your toothbrush into it.

(Now for the fun part) Using your thumb or the pointer, firmly stroke the bristles away from the nails so that the nail polish gets sprayed on the white base

Repeat step 2 for other colours until you have the desired splattered effect.

Finally, add a clear coat of nail polish for that professional finish

2. Basic florals

Everyone loves a good floral print in their lives. Here you can create it on a budget using our step by step guide

All that you will need:

1.White nail polish for the base

2. Two tones of floral colours, usually contrasting with the base (you can try out various combinations like pink and purple, yellow and orange, red and pink, etc.)

3. A thin nail art brush

4. Clear nail polish

Step by step guide:

Create a stable base by applying 2 coats of white nail varnish

Dip your small nail art brush into the two colours of your choice to create multiple flowers

Use the other colours to give the look a bit of glamour

Seal the design by adding a clear coat on top.

3. Ombré manicure

This was, and still is a massive trend when it comes to the perfect mani, and here we have how you can create it all on your own.

All you need:

1. A light shade of peach nail polish or nude colour

2. Pink nail polish

3. A plastic sheet

4. A few toothpicks

5. A rectangular piece of sponge

6. Some cotton swabs

7. Nail polish remover

8. Clear polish

Step by step guide:

First things first apply a base coat of the peach or nude shade on your nails

On a clean sheet pour out the peach colour and pink colours right next to each other

Using your toothpick blend both the shades together

Dabbing a sponge into the colour blend, gently use the sponge to transfer the colour from the sponge to your nails

Using a cotton swab, clean the area around your nails using nail polish remover.

Finally, apply the clear nail polish for a more professional finish.

Follow these simple step by step guides, to create your very own salon worthy manicures, and slay whilst at home.

Written by Jazmyn Pesci