Mens makeup, is it a gimmick?

Mens makeup, is its a gimmick

Men wearing makeup is no longer a taboo subject. Some of the best makeup artists and successful beauty influencers are men. People like Mario Dedivanovic (Makeup by Mario, Kim Kardanshians makeup artist) and James Charles (youtuber) have started to normalise males wanting to experiment more with cosmetics and revolutionised the makeup industry, introducing some the best makeup trends of now. However it is known that many men have different skin to women and struggle more with texture and dark spots. Men therefore find it harder to discover the best products for their complexion. Also from many men shaving certain areas of skin it requires special care as the skin is more exposed to ingrown hairs and irritation. Makeup for men is also made with a more masculine feel so they don’t feel like it is a feminine trait to wear makeup, its for anyone.

If you are starting off using makeup and want to know the best beauty products for men we’ve got you covered. Lots of men beginning to wear makeup find it intimidating to start off with so look for more natural ‘no makeup, makeup looks’ which almost look unnoticeable but still gives them more confidence and a fresh faced. 

There are numerous individual brands specific for males like ‘war paint for men’ and ‘male skin’ that focus on the key makeup products for beginners like foundation and concealer. However big brands like Clinique are now also offering a cosmetic range for men too. One of Cliniques best selling makeup pieces for men is ‘Clinique for men face bronzer’. The reviews on this product compliment how natural and easy to use it is while making them feel more confident with makeup that isn’t noticeable. Furthermore the war paint for mens foundation and concealer also has similar reviews praising the product again for the flawless finish and how unnoticeable it looks on their skin. They like how natural it is and how it refreshes their face and boosts their confidence. 

This is the perfect 4 step guide with the best products for a flawless base and for men to achieve the perfect ‘no makeup, makeup look. 

  1. Hydrated face

Makeup on anyones skin but partially mens because of texture, for the best look always requires a hydrating base to ensure the product sits evenly on your face and doesn’t cling to dry patches. 

Clarins Mens Super Moisture Lotion SPF 20 – Men say this is the only moisturiser they have used where they notice a difference. Hydrating the skin and leaving a smooth feel. They say its worth the higher price point and also comes with a SPF 20. 

2.  Flawless base

For men wanting a more natural coverage a tinted moisturiser is perfect. It gives an all over base colour but still allows your natural skin to peak through. 

War paint for mens tinted moisturiser – This is the perfect starting base to experiment with makeup. Its a natural finish which is easy to apply.

3.Brighten dark circles and hide blemishes

For many people they use makeup to make them feel more confident by hiding redness, blemishes and hiding dark circles. 

War paint for mens concealer – This product is said to be one of the best products for covering the more problematic parts of their face. Its high coverage and easy to use so is the perfect first makeup product. 

4. Bronzer

Bronzer is the step which brings your natural colour back to life and gives you a subtle sun glow. 

War paint for mens bronzer – This bronzer is subtle but still buildable to achieve the perfect look easily by giving you more control to build up the pigmentation. 

More makeup is now being made for men, signalling that beauty norms are changing. The cosmetic market has been dominated by women, however now more men are interested and have started to join in on wearing makeup.