Must have monster mani’s: The ghoul proof guide to Halloween nails

Halloween is fast approaching and with that comes playing dress up, who says our nails can’t join in too? With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to find the designs and colours to match the vibe you’re going for this season. Whether that’s going all out or plain and simple, you can still get into the spooky spirit. 

For the ones that love colours: Let’s start simple, some people don’t want a fancy design when it comes to themed nails and that’s fine! You can still get involved by going with a colour scheme like these examples:

Sticking with nudes, oranges and browns will still give you a feel for the trend without going overboard, so if you have to go to work or just want a cheaper alternative, these are the nails for you. Greens, blacks and purples can work well too if you’d rather go for a different colour scheme. 

For the ones who want some spooky details: Sometimes one nail is all that needs to be dressed up this year, with these easy yet effective designs you can’t go wrong. Greens, blacks and orange tend to go well with this kind of design. By adding one nail of detail you’re still getting in the creepy mood, without going overboard. 

For the ones that want to be loud and proud: Let’s take it up a notch, adding an ominous design is perfect for adding that extra touch without taking it too far. Start with a fitting colour for the base, layer on top your favourite Halloween creature and you’re good to go.

For the ones who go ghastly! This one’s for you, going all out with your nails will certainly get you in the Halloween mood. From fearful films, creepy creatures or grisly ghouls, you can let your nails certainly do the talking.

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Written by Holly Houghton