Recurring trends-The comeback of hair tinsel and how to wear them.

We`re constantly seeing trends come ang go and now that disco gained popularity again during the SS21 catwalks it`s no surprise that hair tinsels and everything glitter is making a comeback too.

Tinsels were made popular during the 90s and made a come back once in 2010 after Beyonce showed up wearing them at the Grammy`s. The trend did not last long back then but considering that a lot of us are obsessed with the sparkle hopefully it`ll be able to stay longer.

Beyonce at the 2010 Grammy`s, Pinterest

Here are some ideas on how you can make your hair pop for the winter.

If you want something subtle, a few holographic or silver tinsels could spice up your hairstyle especially if you add some curls or waves to it.


You can never go wrong with gold. This hair and some jewellery will definitely make you the brightest of them all.


We all love an icy girl look don`t we?!


I have some options for all the extra and colour loving readers too! These can be great looks for parties and festivals too.


The application can be done at home or in salons as well. Although it is recommended to get it done professionally to make it last longer and to avoid damaging your hair, it`s totally understandable if you want to save some money and get it done in your bedroom. There are some great tinsel options to order from amazon and there are hundreds of tutorials uploaded by professionals to check out.

Alexandra T.