Self Care Saturday: On A Budget

We’ve made it to Saturday! Don’t you love that feeling after a week full of hard work, where you can finally put your feet up and relax. Make sure to take it easy and pamper yourself, so you can restore your energy for the next week to come. We don’t all have the money to have an extravagant weekend treating ourselves though. So here’s a list of things to do on your self care Saturday whilst on a budget.

1. Take time to reflect

Self care doesn’t always mean getting a mani pedi; journaling is a great way to organise your thoughts and reflect upon yourself. It gives you the chance to declutter your hectic thoughts so you can start your next week with a fresh mindset. If you feel like you have nothing to write, why not practice gratitude and write down three things you are grateful for. This is proven to help you understand the law of attraction and can really change your life.

2. Let your hair down

Don’t be so serious all the time! Invite some friends over and have a laugh, or stay in by yourself and just listen to music. Let the weight drop off your shoulders for a moment and try to have some fun. You can reminisce about the old days or let out a rant about your tiring week whilst you binge watch on Netflix to make yourself feel better.

3. Get the bubbles out

Why not have a bubble bath? Create your own little spa with some candles and a good old face mask, you’ll feel just as great! Take time in the bath to catch up on your current series or read the rest of your book, unless you find the greater peace comes from just closing your eyes and relaxing.

4. Cook up a storm

During your stressful week you’ve probably had to skip a couple of breakfasts, eat lunch on the go or even miss dinner to finish your work. This means you can spend your Saturday cooking and treating yourself to one of your favorite meals. You’d feel so much better about yourself than spending money on a takeaway and could even have left overs for the next day!

5. Get outside

Instead of staying cooped up all day, why not spend some time outdoors? If you have a pet this could be as easy as taking them for a walk or just sitting outside in your garden for a while. You can take this opportunity to leave your phone behind and disconnect from technology, this will give your brain a rest and allow you to appreciate nature.

Tanzeela Rahman