Skincare is NOT just for women – why everyone should be taking care of their skin

Written by Madiy Warner

As a man, it can sometimes feel daunting when trying to learn about things such as makeup and skincare that are seen as traditionally women only products. 

Women are shown, taught and allowed to play with these items from a young age so they are often already second nature to us by the time we hit our teens. However for men, not having those experiences as a child can mean that when it comes to buying skincare for the first time, it can be incredibly confusing to know where to start. 

Firstly, it is important to be using products that are right for your skin type, but how do you know what skin type you are? 

It’s quite simple really, just have a gentle feel of your face now and what do you notice?

  • If it feels dry, rough or flaky – you have dry skin.
  • If it feels oily or greasy, usually on the forehead or around the nose – you have oily skin.
  • Or if it doesn’t feel like either of the above and seems to show neither or a bit of both – you have normal/combination skin. 

Knowing this will help you when looking at a sea of products that all suggest they do the same thing. It’s like the game Guess Who, choosing dry, oily or combination skin takes you one step closer to picking which product you want to use. 

Whatever skin type you have, as a beginner you want to follow this simple, three-step routine:

  • Cleanse – to remove built up debris, suncream and dead skin and prep your skin for the next step
  • Serum – this is where you use an active ingredient, for example Salicylic Acid is good for oily, acne prone skin, and Hyaluronic Acid is good for dry skin. Most serums will still specify if they are for dry, combination or oily skin so as long as you choose the right product type for you, hopefully you will see a noticeable difference, without needing to know what ingredients are in it. 
  • Moisturise – this is the final step to lock in the serum and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. You still need this if you have oily skin as sometimes dryness can be the reason your skin is producing excess oil and therefore feels oily. 

From here, its up to you to choose some products to try but some good brands to look out for are: Glossier, CeraVe and Mario Badescu.