Slept through your alarm? These are the speedy beauty hacks you need in your life

Finding yourself rushing around in the morning? These beauty hacks will have you ready for the day in record time.

Organisation is key

An effortless hack that can speed up your mornings is organising your makeup. One of the best methods for storing your makeup is a 360 Degree Rotating Cosmetic Stand. These are a game-changer as they allow you to have everything stored in one place. As a result, all your makeup is easily accessible.

Erase those dark circles!

Waking up with dark and puffy under eyes can be irritating but easily fixed. The best product to cover up those dark circles is the Nyx Dark Circle Concealer – the warm, orange undertones work to cancel out the blue tones. Use it underneath your base makeup to see the best results.

Get a quick, natural look

Cream products are easy to apply when you are in a rush. They glide over the skin effortlessly and are so easy to use! Glossier Cloud Paint is the quickest way to add a natural blush to your cheeks. It takes under 10 seconds to apply and brings you the perfect blushed glow. Alongside this, KIKO MILANO Sculpting Touch Creamy stick works well as a cream bronzer. Cream bronzers are very popular as they bring warmth to your face and quickly.

The Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlighter is another cream product that will leave your complexion looking fresh. In addition, it highlights the natural points on your face. Cream makeup lasts a lot longer than powder products (and they don’t smash!) so splurging on this type of makeup is worth it.

The ‘perfect’ skin

Tinted moisturiser is a quick way to get coverage onto your face when you are tight for time. The Garnier Tinted Moisturiser has a formula like no other, providing 24-hour hydration and a natural finish. It works to cover blemishes and creating a smooth base. Also included is SPF 15 which is a must-have ingredient in a skin product.

Forget eyeshadow, use this…

One of the best beauty hacks is using your powder bronzer in place of eyeshadow. Use an eyeshadow brush such as the Morphe Pro Bullet Crease Brush to apply the bronzer into your eye crease. This hack is an easy way to add definition to your eyes without taking up too much time.

By Eleanor Coleman