Talking ‘Coils & curls’ with Ateh Jewel.

Ateh Jewel's New Book : Coils and curls.

by Kiá Richardson

To bring a refreshing start to the new year, I got in contact with the award winning beauty journalist Ateh Jewel to hear more about her experience living with natural hair. 

As well as being a highly-skilled beauty journalist, Ateh is a columnist for Marie Claire, a diversity advocate, and an advisory board member of the British beauty council. Whilst juggling a multifaceted career she is also a mother to two beautiful twin girls whom she shares all over social media alongside her work in the beauty industry. 

And after all of this, she is writing a book all about celebrating all the kinks, coils, and curls of natural hair and how to take care of them. With the ultimate natural hair guide scheduled to release this March, I believe it would be a great time to ask her a few questions about her views on black hair care and society’s view of it. 

I asked her…

Living outside of London, I often find myself struggling to find black hair care stores /products in my area. How do you deal with this and are there any websites or places you recommend?

This is definitely a problem. Superdrug and Boots have recently upped their game with more offerings but I love Shea Moisture, Cantu, Trepadora, Aveda, and Boucleme which you can get online.

Another option is subscription boxes which is still a growing trend for makeup and hair care. I came across the ladies at Treasure Tress who have created a great brand in packaging supplies for the black hair community. What do you think about these?

As a beauty journalist, I don’t really subscribe to beauty boxes but I can see how a curated box would be great.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see how confident you are with your natural hair on social media, especially on Instagram. Do you find that social media is more open to different hair textures now?

It took me until I was 37 and a mother to be comfortable with my hair on social media in 2015 really helped me embrace my hair with the ‘team natural’ movement.


You also post your children on your Instagram who have beautiful hair! How do you ensure that they know about embracing their natural hair and what advice could you give others to empower them in their natural hair journey? 

You have to lead by example. I have to love my hair and show them how to nourish theirs

Ola and Adanna

In the winter months such as January many change their natural hair care routine to fit the colder weather. Some use different products that promote hydration , anti-frizz and repair damage which are all common for kinky curly and coils hair at this time. What types of things do you do to combat these?

Satin Cap from Only Curls (£16)

I think lots of masks, treatments, using a silk turban year-round and respect is what gets results.

There is still a lot of work to be done in terms of shaping societies view of hair types, what would you say you’d hope for in the future? 

I hope coils & curls will be seen with the respect and equality it’s due. That textured hair will be seen as professional and won’t even be an issue. I’m fighting hard for that day.

So be sure to head over to Amazon to preorder Ateh’s new book for more of her best tips, tricks and advice on letting your natural hair flourish.

Coils and Curls: The Ultimate Guide to Loving your Hair by Ateh Jewel