The best vegan makeup brands

Want to have the best vegan makeup collection? We’ve got you covered. Supplying you with the best beauty brands that are totally vegan. For any makeup preferences, from a more natural look to full coverage, these products will suit your every makeup need. Some of the best makeup brands you may be surprised to hear are vegan may already be in your everyday makeup routine.

From having an all vegan lifestyle to just beauty every little helps, but be aware ensuring your whole makeup collection is vegan can up the price of each product. Here are some drugstore vegan brands and their best products you need to get your hands on! 

B. Beauty Cosmetics is Superdrug’s own brand, ever since it relaunched in 2017 they made all their beauty buys totally cruelty free and vegan. They have really expanded their range over the last few years from the collection, now including skincare and tanning products not just makeup. While all of the B. Cosmetics ranges have very high ratings and reviews, one of the most loved products is their foundation. Many spoke about while its convenient with its pump, its shade range is also amazing “The shade range is also fab, rather than the classic “ivory”/”warm beige” it has Neutral, Cool and Warm labelled and numbered shades so you can find your perfect one.” This foundation comes in matte and silk finishes to cater for people with either more oily or dry skin. 

Another drugstore brand that has some amazing products and dupes for higher end products is Elf. This American cosmetics line was added to Superdrug stores in 2017. One of the best concealer brought to the market and was raved about for years was the Tarte shape tape. However the Elf Camo concealer is now giving it a run for its money and being named as the best dupe. Especially as its 4 times less expensive than the tarte shape tape, only costing £5 from Superdrug. 

For the perfect totally vegan 6 step natural makeup look these are the best products:

Firstly the Hourglass vanish foundation stick, every beauty guru has raved about this foundation, calling it their new go to foundation. They love how full coverage and airbrushed the finish is. As this foundation is a stick it has very buildable coverage so can be used day and night. 

Secondly concealer. For this choice stick by the Elf Camo concealer, it completely covers any imperfection and will last all day and night. 

To set all this in place the magic star setting powder by Jefree Star has great reviews, claiming to leave a satin matte appearance and look so natural on your face, also the scent is just a bonus!

Next for the natural but still buildable glow, another from Jefree Star is his liquid frost highlighter, coming in 8 shades to fit any skin colour.

Penultimately bronzer, everyone loves to be bronzed and have that goddess glow. The best product for this is the monochromatic bronzer duo by Cover FX. It has two different sides for you to choose whether you want to have more of a glowy or matte complexion. This is the perfect natural bronze. 

Lastly mascara. Everyone wants thick long eyelashes. The product for this is the Hourglass unlocked instant extensions mascara. With its small plastic wand it really allows you to get right to the root of your lashes to elongate and cover the lash creating the most intense but still natural look.