The cosmetics brands which are paving the way for men wearing makeup

Here are the brands that are challenging social constructs and reinventing the new normal.

Be only you

Boy De Chanel, Chanel’s makeup range for men, launched in October 2018. Foundation, lip balm and an eyebrow pencil were available as the idea behind Boy De Chanel was about visual enhancement. The brand wanted to rewrite the social construct that makeup is just for women. Men should feel they can enhance their features without their masculinity in question. Just as women do, men can suffer from skin issues such as dark under eyes, acne. Undoubtedly, this can be confidence shattering. Therefore, Boy De Chanel is undetectable on the skin so men can feel confident in themselves and self-assured.

Boy stands for “Be only you” to get across their important message that this range is about self-emancipation. August 2020 saw the range extend with more products for men available. The extension includes a concealer in various shades, nail varnish in black and natural and an eye pencil. The whole collection is packaged in a masculine midnight blue shade with frosting for that luxurious feel.

Sharp and sophisticated

Tom Ford have a large selection of male grooming products and just like Boy De Chanel, the of Tom Ford’s packaging is masculine. Different to women’s makeup as men have different facial needs, Tom Ford offers a Brow Definer that has a denser brush, as men’s eyebrow hairs tend to be thicker. Not only this but it has a tint of colour in that is universal, but it defines brows into a natural shape.

Mr Ford prefers the sophisticated and polished appearance, and he claims this the best product you can use as a man to achieve that look. Tom Ford’s concealer has been designed in a way that it is pocket-portable and so that the concealer itself, camouflages. Men suffer from redness, blemishes and razor nicks and the concealer naturally covers these. It is practical. Applying after using moisturiser, allows it to blend seamlessly into the skin.

End the stigma

War Paint are a British brand, launched in 2018 which was initially taken to BBC’s Dragon’s Den to find a backer. After great success, all five of the TV dragons expressed an interest in the business. War Paint went on to sell 50,000 products in the first year. What’s great about this brand, is that the products are specific towards men’s skin which tends to be a lot more oiler, producing more sebum.

They first trialled the brand in John Lewis. Danny Gray, the founder of War Paint, was present for the trial and he stated he helped two, 60-year-old, straight males who both ended up buying the concealer. A lot of the time, males believe that only those who are gay would invest in makeup. However, this is not the case. The stigma around this subject is still around today – as a society, we must bash it out. Every man can wear makeup. Sexual orientation should not come into it at all.

Let’s normalise men and makeup

Social media is helping to turn around the set ideals about men’s makeup and grooming, from a why would I do that, to a why not. Many men are beginning to understand the importance of skincare and social media has helped to normalize this. The world of beauty bloggers has been something millennials have grown up watching, they have seen the likes of Manny Mua and James Charles applying makeup. They design creative looks but, the principle of men wearing makeup is still there.

By Eleanor Coleman