The Dirty Secrets of Your Makeup Bag

Even the Beauty Industry has it’s ugly moments

The Beauty Industry is become larger and more powerful by the day, meaning Make up Brands and curators are having to work even harder on formulas and new ideas to make a mark in the industry with their products. Now popular influencers are producing their own collections and although they have a strong understanding of makeup, they have had moments where their products haven’t been to the standard we expect.


Most Recently Tati Westbrook, a Youtube influencer, released a new product to her  ‘TatiBeauty’ makeup brand, the product was a new makeup tool ‘Blendiful’ makeup puff which Westbrook claimed were a ‘game-changer’ to the makeup industry and were reusable and machine washable. However people have found the ‘Blendiful’ were ripping after 1 to 2 washes or just through normal use, when at the price of $28.90 plus shipping and taxes for internationals, the customers were not impressed. They also found the puffs extremely difficult to clean if used for foundation, so the new makeup tool that could’ve been a hit became a massive flop for Tati, she is still yet to respond to the controversy publicly or to the customers complaints.


Other influencers have caused drama with their faulty products over the past year, including both Jaclyn Hill and Jeffree Star. Jaclyn launched her long awaited ‘Jaclyn Cosmetics’ line in 2019 with a 20-piece ‘So Rich’ nude lip collection, selling for $18 or trios for $49, however the anticipated wait didn’t seem worth while to her customers as the lipsticks they received appeared out of date, crumbly and with flecks of what seems to be ‘white hair fibres’, luckily Jaclyn responded quickly to the controversy and offered full refunds to everyone who had purchased a lipstick from her collection, announcing that the products didn’t reach their brands standards and apologised strongly to all her fans for the incident.

Jeffree-Star-Shane-Dawson-Conspiracy-Collection-Controversy- PINTEREST

Similarly to Hill, Jeffree Star released a collaborative ‘Conspiracy’ collection with fellow influencer Shane Dawson to his ever growing ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ brand. However his new ‘Conspiracy’ eyeshadow palette, selling for $52 plus shipping & taxes, caused conspiracy in itself where a handful of customers who ordered the palette found mystery hairs amongst the pigments. The popular palette when released sold out of 1 million units in just 30 minutes, becoming one of the top sell out makeup products of all time, making the pair millions of dollars in less than an hour. Jeffree responded to the accusations over social media to publicly apologise and that all affected palettes (which was revealed to be 35 palettes out of 1 million ) have been fully refunded and replaced.

Makeup artists and influencers although have tried multiple makeup brands and formulas, still mess up with constructive production on their own products, but the Beauty Industry is a constant experimental journey to make continual improvements to the never ending market.

Written by Lucie Kyle