The insider-look into how makeup has changed over the eras…

Throughout the eras, makeup and hair have developed to an extent where we now find ourselves repeating makeup trends. Over the years, society has changed which has contributed to the way women and men have worn their makeup. 

In the 1920s, face powders and cream-rouge compacts were widely used by movie stars and celebrities, which is why they were so popular in this decade. However, the ideal face of makeup in the 20s was a red lip and the cupids bow was accentuated which was thought to be attractive. 

Throughout the 30s, less was more in makeup, eyebrows were plucked thin and were arched. Women would often use petroleum jelly or oil to make their eyelids glossy and would use henna to coat their eyelashes. Only a thin layer was applied as they didn’t want them to look thick. A minimalistic base was favoured by women and they would only powder their skin.

Within the 40s, cosmetics were rationed due to the war. However, women were expected to wear makeup. The government officials favoured lip products during the war because they thought this boosted the women’s morale while the war was on. The rest of the face was not focused on and would be very subtle.

When the 1950s hit, makeup was hugely worn, and everyone wanted to achieve a flawless look. A light rouge would be applied to the cheeks, winged eyeliner was used, and mascara was applied to only the top lashes. A huge influencer from this era was Marilyn Monroe and became the face of the 50s.

The 60s became the era of the eye. Women either covered their eyes with colour or created a cut crease which is commonly used today. Pastel colours such as blues and pinks were used and black eyeliner was worn on the lower lashes, famously worn by Twiggy.  

Beauty stereotypes in the 70s were rejected, and women wanted to fight against sexism which led to makeup looking much more natural than in the 60s. However, punk music was on the rise. This led to a small group of women who began experimenting with their makeup. Vivienne Westwood, a fashion designer was a role model to these groups and inspire their looks.

The 1980s saw a rise in elaborate colours such as pink, purple, and blue. These colours were mainly used in eyeshadows and were often worn with a pink blush. Thick layers of eyeliner were worn too, and women used to draw a fake beauty spot which was influenced by the rise of Madonna. 

The 90s saw the comeback of some makeup trends from past eras. Thin eyebrows and blue eyeshadow were a common look worn by many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kate Moss, and Gwen Stefani. A shimmering lip was also a craze which was a new trend and most of the popular colour worn were reds and deep browns.

Nowadays, cosmetics are available for everyone to use freely and trends are often seen in everyday wear. However, men and women are now taking a more individual style when applying their makeup. The main factors contributing to this, is the acceptance of different cultures and the views on society.