The K-beauty brand that is taking Tiktok by storm for its creative packaging: Kaja Beauty

Kaja Beauty is known for their to-die-for kawaii packaging as well as their creative product names such as the Bento Box eyeshadow trio and the Mochi Glow highlighter. TikTokers have been showcasing these adorable makeup products with golden hour reels of glittery swatches and glossy lips that only make us want these products more. For the holiday season, Kaja has come out with a delectable new collection called the Kaja Kuties Collection that features all the fan favourite products, and has circulated on TikTok through so many creative videos that highlight the collection’s glowy and  shimmery shades. Their super cute packaging makes these K-beauty products not only functional but also an aesthetic choice to display on your makeup counter or pull out of your purse midday for a lipstick touch-up. Indeed, the heart shaped lipstick “Heart Melter” is sure to break some hearts wherever you go. Not only that, TikTokers are praising the brand for their ‘clean beauty’ initiative, their transparency with using good ingredients as well as their whole brand philosophy being about simple, easy and quick to use products that do the most with small, compact packaging. Kaja is available online and in-store at Sephora as well as the online retailer