The no makeup, makeup look

It feels almost compulsory to wear no makeup at the moment, but that doesn’t have to be the way forward. There are so many ways you can look naturally flawless, but actually be supporting a full face. So here are my top tips when it comes to getting that ‘no makeup, makeup look’.


Just a quick one before we start, number one thing you have to have is time (I’m pretty sure this is quite available to most of us at the moment…). It takes time and consistency. Don’t give up because it’s most definitely worth it. The more you do it, and love it as your look, the quicker you’ll get.

Ditch the brushes

Right. The one thing we don’t *really* want to do. But ditching the brushes, and using fingers instead is key for a look like this. The warmth from your fingers patting of massaging the make up into your skin is the best way forward. It takes away any cakiness, or patchyness. Overall removing all tell tell signs you’re actually wearing makeup.


Swapping your foundation in for a BB cream is a great start. You can even ditch this step if you don’t feel like you need this extra coverage. But if you’re not ready to get rid, BB cream is a great way to make for a more natural full coverage look. Or even, if you don’t want to order a new BB cream just yet in case you don’t like it, mix your foundation in with your moisturiser. This can make for a more natural coverage from a product you already love. If you’re doing this, go about half and half.


Something a lot of us want, but not a lot of us have. Or for those of you like me, mine only show in the summertime. Which is kinda annoying, but anyway; the solution. Faux freckles is a solution for anyone which can really work and look believable if done right. The best way to do it is to use an eyebrow pencil, and blend out with a damp beautyblender. By using a brow pencil the colour already is quite ashy and more blue toned, instead of more red toned which is something that can give the game away. Dot around randomly, different sizes and harshness. Then you’re good to go!


Something that never needs to change! This is the part you can go big or go home on. Ditch the lashes completely! Or even if you love a lash like me, you can stick a pair of falsies on. Trust me, it’ll make you look like you’ve had eyelash extensions in no time. Its the part of this routine that doesn’t matter what you do, it won’t give the game away.


Bronzer is a tricky ground. Sometimes it can just look super obvious, and other times it can look very discreet. My tip; only use bronzer to a similar colour to your neck or shoulders. If you go too dark, it can look orangey and cakey. So don’t go too far. You can even ditch this step if you don’t think there’s a need. Don’t forget tho to apply in a three to the side of your face. Forehead, under the cheekbone, under the jaw. 

That’s all for my top no makeup tips! I hope you can make what you want of your vibe, whether you decide to go nothing at all or full out, this can be your perfect in between. And best of all, nobody will even realise you’re wearing makeup!

By Yas Feasey