These Superdrug fragrances are the ultimate perfume dupe!

Shoppers think these Superdrug fragrances smell identical to designer brands, which retail at just £4.

Lovers for perfume are ecstatic to hear that Superdrug’s new Layering Lab Body Mist collection smell exactly like high-end fragrances such as Thierry Mugler, Paco Robanne, and Yves Saint Laurent. They have now just added 3 eau de toilette’s to the range which has excited many. One shopper tweeted:

“Okay the Superdrug perfume smells dead on like Black Opium and it’s only £4 ????”

This tweet has 5,000 likes and 629 retweets. The photo she attached is of the scent “exotic”

Superdrug has branded it as ‘the layering lab’ as the sprays have been designed to layer on top of each other to build a brand new fragrance, not off the shelf. They have only brought out the eau de toilette range in 3 of their most popular scents: Exotic, blossom, and paradise.

The scent “exotic” is a dupe for the YSL perfume Black Opium which retails at £99.99 per 100ml. On the other hand the Superdrug dupe is just £5 for a 30ml bottle. They’ve formulated these to last way longer than their body mist collection so you can stay smelling amazing for longer.

They’re now also on 3 for 2 on the Superdrug website so go and grab them while you can!

The scent “paradise” is a dupe for the popular fragrance Olympea by Paco Robanne. This retails normally at around £90 per 100ml which is a big saving compared to the £5 for 30ml from Superdrug.

Lastly, the perfume named “Blossom” from the layering lab in Superdrug is a knockoff for the sought after scent Alien by Thierry Mugler. This retails at £90 per 100ml. Again like the others, blossom costs just £5 meaning you can have all 3 dupes for just £10 if you use their 3 for 2 offer. A no brainer!

So, get ordering on Superdrug and get free delivery when you spend £10.

Written by Suzy Winson

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