Unconventional makeup tricks, beauty disasters and product releases, NARS lead artist Rachel Hardie shares it all

Written by Madiy Warner

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Do you have a top three products from the brand that you would recommend to someone starting out?

We have things called our icons, but Radiant Creamy Concealer would definitely be my top. 

I do love the Sheer Glow Foundation, kit wise, it is so versatile.

If you’re buying NARS the first time, it has to be Orgasm Blush. It’s 20 years old and it’s never changed it’s formula. It’s such a classic and Francois Nars wanted people to flush when they ask for it. So that’s how he came up with the name before he came up with the colour. 

I assume you’ve got plenty of tips and tricks that you use when you’re in the studio and on set at fashion week, could you share a few of them with us? 

NARS Orgasm Blush

For me, powder is everything. So we would always use powder on the skin. I know a lot of people like glowy-ness, but the more powder you use the better, ‘cause give it half an hour, your skin will wear in and the glow will come through. If you create underlie, it gives the most beautiful glow from within.

Something I noticed when I first started that I wasn’t sure I would be able to get on board with was, when we apply foundation, we’d apply it with fingers. I was actually on a call to an influencer before, doing a one-to-one as we’ve got a new foundation coming out and I was teaching her how to apply foundation with the fingers. She’d never done that, but now she’s converted. 

I’d also say to learn to be versatile with your products. Don’t feel like just because it’s a blusher that is all it is, you can mix it with liquid products and create dimension. 

Have you got any tips or techniques that people use, potentially influencers or other makeup artists that you just can’t get on board with? 

I would never not try anything. I think the most important thing with makeup is to make it your own. So find your own style.

I love contouring, but what I don’t like is when things are generic. So I’d say if you want to contour and have more of a circular face, I get that you’d do it in the traditional areas, but if you have an oval face and you don’t need it, you need to step back and look at what you’re working with, you need to make things individual. 

NARS Purifying Foaming Cleanser

What kind of skin do you do day-to-day? Are you someone who’s got their 10 steps or do you just cleanse, tone, moisturise? 

I’m such an advocate for skincare. I’m not blessed with great skin, so I really have to make sure my makeup’s off because I break out really easily. In terms of cleansing, I always do a double cleanse, I use the Bare Minerals cleansing oil. Then I’ll go in with our foaming cleanser, all of our skin care is actually made by Shiseido so it’s really beautiful.

I do love the optical brightening concentrate, which is a serum that really brightens your skin. I think the more you prep the skin, the better it looks when you put makeup on.

If you could tell us your most embarrassing makeup moment, if you have one that you can remember?

I mean, I’ve been through some stages. I’ve obviously over-plucked my eyebrows and I remember when I first started wearing makeup, I used to wear this Miss Sporty really horrible, lavender cream eye shadow. I think looking back, I was on a journey, so there are things that I wouldn’t use in my portfolio, but obviously at that time I was proud of it. I think you need that to acknowledge where you’ve grown, I genuinely think you can never stop learning, from the girl that wore that horrible cream lavender eye to now. 

Rachel can be found on instagram: @rachelhardie.artistry