We hear you David; top 5 sustainable beauty brands to help save our planet.

Sir David

Sir David Attenborough has dedicated his entire life to our planet, but he can no longer do it alone!

Written by Emma Jade Clifford

As many people are aware by now, Sir David Attenborough is a national treasure. He has blessed our screens for 7 decades; showing us the wonders of our planet and all the spectacular creatures that we share it with. Giving us breathtaking imagery and detailed accounts of the wildlife and their habitats. But his most recent release on Netflix called “Our Planet” was slightly different, it was a plea for us, as the human race to change our ways before it’s too late. Giving us factual, and quite scary truths of the damage we’ve done. It was David’s final warning; after all, the man is 93 years old, he can’t save the planet forever, so it’s now down to us!

We’ve been warned many times before, but none quite like this. We are in a state of emergency; if we don’t change our lifestyle the climate crisis and ecological decline will be out of our control. So, on that note, I’m going to list to you the 5 top sustainable beauty brands, to make us all feel a little less guilty when getting our beauty fix.

1. Lime Crime

Certified by PETA as both cruelty-free and Vegan, Lime Crime are described as the “Unicorn” of the cosmetics world allowing us all to express our individuality with vast range of bold shades and stand out sparkles. Selling Hair, Lips, Eyes and Face, you can get anything you desire. One of my go to favourites is the Sparkling Cherry Lip Gloss. Available in 25 different shades.

Lime Crime
Sparkling Cherry Lipgloss; Price £14.00

2. Cover FX

“We believe that beauty means taking care of yourself and the world around you, and that we have a responsibility to care for all living things.”

Cover FX was founded on the belief that you can have high performing makeup products that are clean. Not only does the brand believe this is better for the environment, but also for your skin. Their vegan formulas are bursting with green goodness, including nourishing ingredients such as green tea and algae to make sure your skin not only looks great but feels it too. Natural Finish Foundation is a go to favourite for its flawless, but lightweight finish that looks natural and healthy. Also available in 6 shades.

cover fx
30ml Natural Finish Foundation; Price: £23.00.

3. bareMinerals

Known for their clean approach to beauty, bareMinerals is not only good-to-skin, but also completely cruelty free. The brand is extremely conscious of the ingredients that go into their world-renowned products using none of the toxins; including micro-beads, triclosan or mineral oil. A make-up bag must have in my opinion is their Original Smoothing Face Primer; an ultra-lightweight, multi-tasking formula dedicated to improving skin tone and texture.

bareMinerals Primer
30ml Original Smoothing Face Primer; Price £26.00

4. Eyeko

A brand not many would’ve heard of but are completely eco-friendly. Making sure that none of their formula goes to waste, the brand packages their Mascaras in a squeezy tube so that it never dries up and even the very last drop can be used. But most of all that it can be recycled and re-used. Eyeko Black Magic Mascara provides thicker, healthier-looking lashes with no smudging, flaking or crumbling. Locks in colour for over 12 hours.

Black Magic Mascara; Price £19.00

5. The Body Shop

“At The Body Shop, we’ve been fighting animal testing since day one. We champion cruelty-free ingredients and we’re passionate about creating vegetarian products that have never, and will never be tested on animals. We want to cause minimal harm to the planet when we make our products.”

It comes to no surprise that The Body Shop is on this list, being green from the start of their business in 1976. They have been campaigning for every other company to follow suit. Working with their fair trade community and completely dedicated to tackling the plastic crisis; it’s a no brainer that The Body Shop has my vote. One of my favourites is their Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion SPF30 – not only does it help you get up and glow with skin that looks lit-from-within, but also adds an extra dose of SPF into your daily routine.

50ml Vitamin C Glow-Protect Lotion SPF30; Price £15.00