What is your acne telling you?

Written by Madiy Warner

Acne appears and disappears at different stages throughout our lives, it’s severity varies from person to person and it can be hard to identify the cause. 

Charts, like the one below, are great for giving an idea on the potential causes of acne on different areas of the face. 

Caroline Hirons, is a globally qualified advanced aesthetician and explains on her blog: “There isno magical ‘cure’ for acne. There are different types, yes, but no one-dose-fits-all cure. You need to know your skin, your body, your state of mind, your ‘system’ inside out to truly see results.

Due to Covid, there is now a new and common cause of acne on the jawline and chin that is not mentioned on the chart. These blemishes are likely to be caused by wearing a mask (or mascne as it has been coined) for extended periods of time. 

Another more recent cause is the use of a mobile phone. It is often something that most of us forget we should be disinfecting regularly to prevent thebuild-up of unwanted bacteria. By not doing this, we are then transferring the bacteria from our phone screens to our faces which is inevitably then causing acne on our cheeks that was not commonly seen before mobile phones became mainstream, not that any of us are old enough to remember the time before the mobile phone!

Foreheads are often also a problem area but it can be difficult to identify the cause. The best way to try and understand what is going on is to go down the list to rule out one item at a time. If you know your diet is not always the best (everyone loves a pizza every now and again…and by that I mean at least once every couple of days!). 

Start by tracking what you are eating and try to decrease the amount of sugar and fat in your diet. If you start to see an improvement, that’s great! Keep going until the progress stops and then try one of the other potential causes on the list. If you have not seen any improvement within a month, you can cross diet off the list of potential irritants and try focusing on something else, for example stress levels.