What’s trending? – Find your fragrance which fits your style

There is thousands of fragrances that can suit to any occasion but having one that fits to your style or any occasion you might be attending.

Night out

There’s definitely a need for a strong and long lasting scent for a night out and both these perfumes deliver. They also live up to any outfit you might wear on a night out. Moonlight is sweet and definitely the kind of perfume that can be used for casual use. Floral Shock is a little pricer but the scent is definitely worth the extra cost and you will be complimented on it.

Ariana Grande Moonlight – https://arianagrandefragrances.com/products/moonlight?variant=22355974520880

YSL Black Opium Floral Shock – https://www.yslbeauty.co.uk/fragrance/for-her/black-opium/black-opium-floral-shock-eau-de-parfum/WW-40712YSL.html?dwvar_WW-40712YSL_size=50%20ml


Going for something different and unique. Gucci Memoire is new and really keeps with the whole vintage theme even in scent. Lady Million Lucky suits for the type of vintage that is a little more dressed up but sticks with what you’re looking for.

Gucci Memoire – https://www.gucci.com/uk/en_gb/pr/beauty/fragrances/fragrances-for-women/gucci-memoire-dune-odeur-60ml-eau-de-parfum-p-589190999990099

Lady Million Lucky – https://www.theperfumeshop.com/paco-rabanne-perfumes/lady-million-lucky-eau-de-parfum-for-her


A laid back and cosy scent is achieved by both these options. While you don’t have to have a scent on for while at home of just wearing something comfy. Having a scent that brings back that comfy feeling is just perfect.

Ariana Grande Cloud – https://arianagrandefragrances.com/products/cloud?variant=22302634410032

Replica Beach Walk – https://www.maisonmargiela-fragrances.us/en/product/483804/replica-beach-walk

Dainty & Chic

Delicate, floral and sweet. While there’s any amount of perfumes which match this style. Ghost dream and MJ Daisy just really capture a scent that matches the look. These fragrances stick around and make sure there’s something to just linger around for the whole day.

Ghost Dream – https://www.theperfumeshop.com/ghost-perfumes/dream-eau-de-parfum-for-her

Marc Jacobs Daisy – https://www.theperfumeshop.com/marc-jacobs-perfumes/daisy-eau-de-toilette-for-her


If boujee stand for one thing is glamorous and shiny. Chanel N°5 is an obvious choice to match this style. Angel is something is cheaper but no less amazing for this fashion choice.

Chanel N°5 – https://www.chanel.com/en_GB/fragrance-beauty/fragrance/p/women/n_5.html

Thierry Mugler Angel – https://www.mugler.co.uk/fragrance/top-sellers/angel-eau-de-parfum-1023309.html


For a sporty look, you need a fresh fragrance to match. Just something clean and fresh to make sure people know that you can look that good and smell even better. For these two scents they have different price points but the scent suits this perfectly.

Gucci Bloom – https://www.gucci.com/uk/en_gb/pr/beauty/fragrances/fragrances-for-women/gucci-bloom/gucci-bloom-50ml-eau-de-parfum-p-488826999990099

DKNY Blossom Pink – https://www.superdrug.com/Fragrance/Perfume-For-Women/Women’s-Perfume/DKNY-Fresh-Blossom-Pink-Sparkling-Apple-50ml/p/743326?singleResultSearchPage=true


Edgy, glamorous and refined. A baddie style just could not find two scents that work so well. Black Opium is really a perfume for anyone but personally I think it was made for someone with this type of style. Rihanna is also the OG baddie and it’s no surprise her perfume would suit this.

YSL Black Opium – https://www.yslbeauty.co.uk/fragrance/for-her/black-opium/black-opium-eau-de-parfum/WW-40701YSL.html?dwvar_WW-40701YSL_size=50%20ml

Rihanna Reb’l Fleur – https://www.superdrug.com/Fragrance/Perfume-For-Women/Women’s-Perfume/Reb%27L-Fleur-By-Rihanna-100ml/p/420351


Bright, colourful and just a very fun style to wear. CK One is perfect because it’s a unisex scent which allows you be as adventurous as you like with all your clothes and outfits. Marc Jacobs Honey is definitely one I’d place on the outfits above, it just works well and keeps in with the kind of vibe they are achieving.

CK One – https://www.calvinklein.co.uk/ck-one-200ml-eau-de-toilette-5607430000000

Marc Jacobs Honey – https://www.theperfumeshop.com/marc-jacobs-perfumes/honey-eau-de-parfum-for-her-50ml

Formal casual

Going for a formal look but with a little more personality and excitement to it with the casual twist. These perfumes keep in with that. Again Lady Million is a perfume that just fits almost any look but I feel it really works well for this. Ghost Deep Night is a mature kind of scent with really makes people definitely keep to the formal occasion.

Lady Million – https://www.theperfumeshop.com/paco-rabanne-perfumes/lady-million-eau-de-parfum-for-her

Ghost Deep Night – https://www.superdrug.com/Fragrance/Perfume-For-Women/Women’s-Perfume/Ghost-Deep-Night-Eau-De-Toilette-75ml/p/886671


Usually keeping quite a neutral and simple look for formal. There’s ways you can stand out with jackets and accessories but a fragrance is something that can be left as you just walk past someone. KKW II is one of Kim Kardashians fragrances that feel is fresh and just perfect for a formal occasion. Ghost is simple but clean and can suit any time of day for a formal occasion.

KKW II – https://kkwfragrance.com/products/kkw-body-ii

Ghost – https://www.superdrug.com/Fragrance/Perfume-For-Women/Women’s-Perfume/Ghost-The-Fragrance-150ml-Eau-de-Toilette-Spray/p/410901