Why is pre – makeup the new makeup?

Why Pre-Makeup is the new makeup

‘Pre-makeup’, what is the meaning of the phrase? The definition of ‘Pre-makeup’ is ‘longer lasting changes on your body’. Getting procedures like, jaw, cheek and lip filler and applying eyelash extensions and fake tan is all included in the definition of ‘pre-makeup’.

 The newest makeup trend is all about natural skin, no longer about the ‘cake face’. In 2013 the “glass skin” trend took precedence in Korea. Before the hype took place in the US, Emily Weiss (the founder of glossier) spotted a market for more natural looking makeup. This what the brand focuses on the most. As a company Glossier is now valued at $1.2 billion and this just shows how many people really want that ‘no makeup, makeup look’.

As the ‘glass skin’ trend began to influence people all over the world it is now what everyone wants. The next best natural look. This is why people have began to turn to surgery and filler to get their desired look and what they perceive to be perfect. With peoples days getting busier they have less time to focus on their makeup. They want to wake up feeling beautiful. From smaller steps like getting eyelash extensions to look like mascara and fake tan to look like foundation then leads to jaw and cheek filler to have a natural contour without using an ounce of makeup. 

With more and more people going into the world of cosmetic procedures the price has lowered a lot. The same results nowadays can be done to anyone with a couple thousand dollars to spare, therefore more people can now afford surgery as its more inclusive.

Cosmetic procedures are a big business all over the world. The UK alone has a estimated worth of $3.6 billion, up from $2.3 billion in 2010. 

Many celebrities who influence younger people all have had work done. For example the Kardashians, they have had a huge impact on the younger society. This family has taken cosmetic procedures to the next extreme, changing not just their face but their body too. People look up to people like the Kardashians thinking that is how they want to look, however it it very unrealistic as its not real. The only way this look can be achieved is plastic surgery and fillers. People can no longer accept the way they look, they don’t feel ‘perfect’ as they are faced with such a unrealistic reality.