Working out from home; the best fitness influencers to follow

With most of us probably now working from home we may find ourselves becoming less active and snacking because we are bored throughout the day. But working out and eating healthy has been proven to boost mental wellbeing and at a time like this we need all the self care we can get. Being at home you may also have a lot more time on your hands so why not follow some fun home workouts. Here are 8 of Carbons top at home fitness influencers to follow. Whether you prefer cardio or HIIT we have a recommendation for all…

1. No repeat workouts

@heatherrobertsoncom on Instagram

Heather Robertson has over 460k subscribers on Youtube and is partially popular for her no repeat workouts. If you’re like me and get bored of repeating sets and don’t fancy doing burpees a million times Heather is the one to watch. You don’t repeat a move for longer than 40 seconds and you get 20 second breaks in-between to watch the next move. Some videos she posts use dumbbells while others require no equipment at all. Her channel also features 12 week challenges so you have a new video to watch every day!

2. Full body workouts

@madfit.ig on Instagram.

Maddie known as Madfit has over 3 million subscribers on Youtube and is defiantly worth a watch. She has pretty much every workout you could possibly want, from intense upper body, to focusing on core and abs. Maddie also does full body workouts to popular songs, her most recent being a 4 minute video working out to Drake Toosie Slide. Other example artists are Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber, along with many popular Tik Tok songs! It keeps it fun with good music and will only take 4 minutes of your day. They are real time workouts as you follow along with Maddie, and don’t require any equipment.

3. Yoga

@adrienelouise on Instagram.

If you prefer a more chilled and relaxed workout why not take up yoga! Yoga with Adriene is very popular on Youtube, she has over 7 million subscribers. Her channel has a 30 day yoga journey you can follow along with, each day focusing on something different. Adriene is good to watch for relieving stress giving you a good workout at the same time.

4. Tone up

@chloe_t on Instagram.

Chloe Ting has become a very popular name during this lockdown and is very popular across all social media. Her youtube channel features a great range of workouts as well as healthy eating advice. She films what she eats throughout a day, good meal prep ideas and healthy meals to cook at home. This is a link to her free workout programmes. You can subscribe to these and add the youtube playlist so you can follow along to the correct videos each day.

5. Healthy lifestyle

@natacha.oceane on Instagram.

Natacha Oceana features some very intense workouts on her youtube channel and also her Instagram. She has her guides you can purchase and is proud to say they have been approved by GB olympic experts. She has so many different videos on her channel and shows her full week of training so you can follow along with her. Natacha also shares lots of her healthy eating habits and gives advice on getting back on track if you are feeling unmotivated. Her channel is perfect for an all round healthy lifestyle.

6. Pilates

@blogilates on Instagram.

Cassey Ho’s take on training has become one of the largest female focused online fitness empires known as ‘Blogilates’. She has been posting on Youtube since 2009 and she combines pop music with pilate movements. She has a wide range of videos with some workouts being 20 minutes and others just a single song, so she has options depending on how much time you have to workout. These workouts require no equipment just a yoga mat if you really want to get in to it. She has a POP Pilates for Beginners which we recommend for starters or Total Body Workouts for more of a challenge. Cassey is all about spreading body positivity so if you need uplifting right now she is the one to watch.

7. Dance cardio

@thefitnessmarshall on Instagram.

Caleb Marshall is the best to watch if you prefer to dance around your living room for a quick cardio session. These are fun to do on FaceTime to friends or with your family. His videos feature dancers of all levels and really is just a bit of fun during this lockdown. He picks a different Top 40 track and although the videos may be short you can add a few to your Youtube playlist for a longer workout.


@thebodycoach on Instagram.

This is Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach. Joe is known for high-intensity workouts with his Youtube channel featuring plenty of choice on different HIIT workouts. He uploads every week and if you fancy getting your sweat on you’ll enjoy his videos a lot. Whether you’re a beginner or want more of challenge he has a range of videos for everyone.

We hope these fitness influencers can improve your workouts making them more enjoyable and help you feel motivated during this time at home!

Written by Megan Summers