You say bad skin, I say just skin

Acne is something that we all experience at some point in our lives. For some it goes away after puberty and for some it stays throughout their adult years. If we see someone over the age of 20 with spots, dry patches, or any pigmentation on their face we automatically consider them having bad skin. Is that really the case? Do they have bad skin or is it just their normal skin reacting to external and internal changes?

As a society, like to so many other things we became so conditioned to seeing perfect, smooth, poreless skin in beauty adverts that every time we see a campaign that promotes textured skin, we still look at it and think “oh how inclusive, so good to see it”. Yes, it`s great to see it but it`s a weird reaction considering everybody has texture on their skin. At the same time thankfully to these campaigns and to the #SkinPositivity movement, skin imperfections such as acne, eczema, pigmentation or any other skin condition became more accepted and people suffering from it don`t have to feel like they are doing something wrong.

These influencers are doing a great job helping society accept that acne is completely normal.

Kali Kushner-@myfacestory


Kali is a 26-year-old youtuber, mom and artist, one of the OG skin positive Instagram influencers. She gained popularity in 2015 when she started documenting her acne journey on YouTube and Instagram, sharing skincare, and dieting tips, doing make up tutorials on acne prone skin. Since than she`s been doing the same things, the only difference is that she became a mom not long ago, so her page is now perfect for young moms too for tips and inspiration.

Lou Northcote-@lounorthcote


The 24-year-old influencer is best known for starting and growing a global skin positive community with the #freethepimple movement on social media. She became the first model to star in un-retouched photos and campaigns, appearing in multiple worldwide magazines. Lou continues to push boundaries and making acne accepted and normalised in the beauty community.

Adeola Patronne-@adeolapatronne

Adeola Patronne on YouTube

Adeola`s content is not specifically focused on acne, but she is very transparent about having it. Mainly in her vlogs she shares tips on skincare routines, products to use and places to go for treatments. Adeola is one of the biggest youtubers/influencers in England, so her being this honest about her acne journey, making thousands of people feel accepted is amazing.

Don`t be afraid to #freethepimple people!

Written by Alexandra Toth