11 Going green lessons we’ve learned from Zac Efron’s “Down to Earth”

Find out 11 going green lesson’s that we have learned from Zac Efron and Darin Olien’s “Down to Earth”, what will you learn?

Lesson One

Experiment with plant-based products. This is quite literally a greener approach to nutrition, and the production of plant-based food is far less detrimental to the planet.

Lesson Two

Drink more water and understand what healthy drinking water is. For example, understanding what TDS is (Total Dissolved Solids) and it’s importance. The higher the TDS value the more powerful and more beneficial water will be for your body.

Lesson Three

What if your lawn was food? Grow, expand and explore the opportunities that your garden has to offer. As a result, growing your own food can not only help with going green and having a positive effect, but also helps save money !

Lesson Four

Never stop learning. Become aware of what’s going on around you, and in your community. Consider where and how your clothes are being made. Think about the impact that this has on the environment and the people that manufacture them.

Lesson Five

Be grateful and more mindful. Being grateful for the food we have isn’t necessarily a religious idea, “It’s a solid approach of life, giving thanks throughout the day is something we all can do more often.” What are you grateful for?

Lesson Six

Stay young and active. Go on daily walks. You don’t have to be in the gym 24/7 to keep fit and healthy, so whether that’s walking your dog each day, or doing some pushups at home, find out what works for you. A little activity is good for the mind as well as the body, and goes a long way to living a healthy life.

Lesson Seven

Cut down on excessive traveling and consider using schemes such as carpooling or city bikes when available, because these are schemes that can make a real difference. Walk, run, cycle, and even skate. Help our environment by doing some of these things, and get healthier along the way too.

Lesson Eight

Growing for the future. What we do now completely effects the future. I’m not just talking about growing apples here, this goes for everything that we do as a whole.

Lesson Nine

Sourcing local foods. It’s as easy as it sounds, because buying your locally-sourced produce at your local market and high street will help with lower transportation costs and less damage to the environment. Your food will be fresher and healthier too.

Lesson Ten

Get out there and volunteer either within your local community, or through national voluntary organisations. Firstly, this is such an easy way to help with the environment, and secondly can have a positive impact on your own mental health and physical wellbeing too. One example of Zac Efron going green was when they took part in a local litter pick and whilst Zac and Darin’s contribution, can seem to be a small contribution this can be really impactful.

Lesson Eleven

Understand the importance of recycling, and develop your knowledge and awareness of what materials can be recycled, and how they are processed, This will not only mean that we are all tuned into the importance of recycling, and it’s positive impact, but it will also ensure we are recycling the correct materials, and are not adding to the problem.

Written By Jack Faulkner