5 Gemstones every student needs to get through university

As students, we all know how stressful times get, and how full on it can feel sometimes. Don’t worry tho, there are more things to help you get through this than an instagram story. As some of you may already know, there are healing gemstones which can really help you in other ways. So that’s where I come in, I’m here to help you find out exactly what gem is for you, and why.

Clear Quartz

This little gem *quite literally* is also known as the “master healer”. This is a great stone to have if you’re not too sure exactly what’s up. It benefits you by aiding concentration and memory. So if you’ve got an exam coming up, this is the one to spend your efforts on. Complete with healing in an all round way, this is a great stone to get you started.


This stone really lives up to its name. It’s said to cleanse the body and mind whilst cleansing the blood. This gem is said to clear negativity, and empower you with confidence and spiritual strength. It encourages creativity, which can be perfect for your studies if that’s the sort of thing you study. Even if you don’t study a creative subject, this stone can be brillant for sparking new ideas, and getting the ball rolling on your new assignments.

Tiger’s Eye

If you’re lacking motivation recently or are in a moment of self doubt, this is the stone for you. This stone lives up to its name, helping you keep your eye on the prize. It helps sparks confidence, and can help clear your mind to ensure the continuation of calm and correct decisions. This stone can help get rid of any bad thoughts, negativity, anxiety, fear or self doubt. So if you’re unsure about your next assignment, or even how it’s going, this is the one for you.


Turquoise is your new good luck charm. This is the perfect thing to keep beside you or in your pocket while doing work and studying. Helping to make your work the best of your ability, this stone brings good luck and positive energy. Ensuring all your best and most positive qualities shine through.


This stone is said to empower you. Most helpful at times of stress, this stone benefits you by calming the soul and sending good energy your way. Because of it’s calming properties the gem is the best one to have, especially if you’re a bit of a stress head (aren’t we all?). This stone is said to be the most beneficial when taking on hard tasks or extreme issues.

Throughout this little gemstone round up, I hope you have stumbled upon one that can help you. Happy healing!

By Yas Feasey