5 skills you can learn now we are in another lockdown

Written by Madiy Warner

No one wanted another lockdown but what better time to learn a few new skills and we have compiled a list of our favourites. 


If you’re not familiar with what this is, Macrame is a type of craft that is produced using a series of knots.

Now bear with me, I know this does not sound like fun, but I can personally vouch for this type of craft as it is extremely simple once you have got the hang of it so it is something that is easy to pick up while watching TV in the evenings. I especially enjoy doing it while watching Bake Off as it means my hands are occupied so I can’t snack!

I would recommend starting with a coaster as these are very simple and also great gift ideas if you would like to give something homemade.


During lockdown, we are rarely getting out of the house and this means that we are missing out on a significant amount of exercise. 

Even though, this lockdown, we have been told that we are able to leave the house for exercise, lots of us may choose not to so Yoga is great as you can do it anywhere with a bit of floor space.

It is amazing for increasing flexibility and core strength, as well as being great for mindfulness. It can be hard to switch off because of everything that is going on so this is a great way to take time out of your day, even if just for 10 minutes to take some deep breaths and enjoy the quiet time.


What better time to try your hand a becoming fluent in Italian like you always wanted than when you are stuck at home with nothing else to do!

Duolingo is free and easy to use so why not give it a try?


There is currently a season of Bake Off airing each week on TV so I’m sure most people are already having their yearly go at becoming the next Paul Hollywood. 

But if you haven’t picked up a bag of flour in a while, why not get creative and see what you can make from just what you have left in the house? This can be a fun and resourceful way of clearing out cupboards – just make sure everything is still in date first!


I’m sure I’m not the only one here that has struggled and failed at keeping plants as simple as Cacti alive. 

But now we are at home for the foreseeable future, there is no excuse not to give it another go, and hopefully with a watchful eye and better care, we should see some thriving plants before lockdown is over.