6 charities you should support to help end period poverty

No one should feel that cleanliness and hygiene is a luxury, but unfortunately many people do. To help ensure people are given the products they need, and that period poverty stops, you can do your part in donating, sharing and supporting these organisations and charities.

  1. The Hygiene Bank

At The Hygiene Bank they believe that it is not right that feeling clean should be a luxury or privilege for anyone in society. Therefore, they use a network of projects and campaigns to give people access to the basics they need. They work by collecting product donations, sorting them into sections and then distributing them to their community partners (schools, organisations and charities) who help to support those pulled into poverty. They have over 700 distribution points across the UK, so have a look at their campaigns or donation lists and see how you can help end period poverty! https://thehygienebank.com/

2. Bloody Good Period

“A sustainable flow of menstrual protection for those who can’t afford it.” Bloody Good Period was started because they decided that something needed to be done for those who cannot afford menstrual products. They also run educational sessions to teach women and girls how to stay safe, and not to have shame when discussing periods. Currently they are not taking pad donations due to COVID, but periods don’t stop! So any money donations are hugely appreciated. https://www.bloodygoodperiod.com/

3. Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks understands that our physical health, mental health and our well being is dependant on feeling clean. They work like food banks in order to supply hygiene and personal care essentials to people who cannot afford them. Get involved by becoming a private or public banker. Private bankers collect donations from friends and family, while public bankers invite the public to donate at their shop, salon or café. You will be matched with a charity in your area, so that what is donated locally, stays local. Or if you would like to donate yourself, shop Beauty Banks carefully selected wish list on EASHO. https://www.beautybanks.org.uk/

4. Toiletries amnesty

To Toiletries Amnesty, it’s about demonstrating that a small act can have a huge and positive effect on us all, as well as helping decrease our environmental impact. Toiletries amnesty now support over 200 organisations in providing hygiene products. In order to make it simple for people to get involved, they have created a directory that will send you straight to the people that would appreciate your help. https://www.toiletriesamnesty.org/

5. Freedom4girls

Freedom4girls’ mission is to support those who menstruate by challenging the stigmas, taboos and gender inequalities associated with menstruation. They provide period products to people in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and across other regions of the UK, Kenya and Uganda. It is important to them that people are educated on the range of menstrual products and promote the use of environmentally friendly ones. In order to help you can donate money, donate period products, donate your time through volunteering or setup a donation station. https://www.freedom4girls.co.uk/

6. The Red Box Project

The Red Box Project set out to ensure all schools across the country are provided with free menstrual products for pupils and staff, so that not one person misses their education because they have their period. This succeeded and thankfully now schools can sign up for their free red box. However, in September 2020 they found that less than 40% of schools and colleges had signed up to the scheme. This is completely unacceptable and a huge waste of free support and resources for pupils. To help reach more schools, The Red Box Project has created a template for the public to use when writing to their schools about this topic. Check the schools in your area are signed up, and if not, write to them and help hundreds of people get the products they need. http://redboxproject.org/

By Ellie Bicknell

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