Soak or shower- which is better for your health?

Bath Image
To bathe or to shower? Personally, I’m a shower gal. Sharing a house with 4 girls, if we all bathed twice a day our bills would be out of the roof! However, I can’t deny there is nothing better than overdoing the bubbles, lighting a candle, and sinking into a warm tub in the height of winter.
When asking around for people’s preferences, I’ve come to realise how controversial this subject is.

So let’s start with #teambath.

Bathing in water is used for health, hygiene, and leisure. Spas and swimming pools are used for relaxation, including mineral natural hot springs in locations such as Iceland.

Blue Lagoon – Iceland

I’m sure we’ve all heard the opinion that baths consist of ‘bathing in your own dirt’ and therefore will cover you in more germs, but really we couldn’t be more wrong. Bathing is a form of steaming which is brilliant for cleansing hair, skin, and nails, optimising the opening of pores to cleanout. This benefit also includes your eyes, increasing hydration.

On a cold day, nothing will regulate your body temperature more quickly than bathing. On the other hand, a dip in the sea on a warm day is the most effective way to cool off. Bathing has been used for medical reasons for years. Hydrotherapy, both hot and cold water, can be very beneficial for the body. Cryotherapy/ ice baths are popular in the world of athletes to help muscle strain.

With all of the time, we spend pampering and eating well, who has time for baths anyway? Making time for baths should in-fact be the first step of our pamper routine. Bathing in warm water can increase serotonin which is a chemical produced by the brain. Serotonin is associated with happiness and well-being. The steam from a bath can also clear any blockages in the sinus or chest. So taking an hour maximum out of your day is completely worth it!


For you that are always in a rush. Love to hop in and hop out, a shower is our type.

In some ways, showering is more hygienic. This only really counts if you work out daily or wear a lot of makeup. You can wash away all of those particles quickly and effectively. If you’re a builder, painter, or do a job which involves coming home covered in some type of substance, it’s best to shower to get that off you ASAP!

When else may we need a shower? Ah, hair wash day. It’s near impossible to wash your hair effectively in a bath without getting out with shampoo still in your ears. Showers make life so much easier to clean your hair and perform our hair wash routine.

Although showers are quick and convenient, they aren’t always relaxing.
If you’re prone to dry skin, long hot showers can dry out your skin and hair (top tip – a cold rinse can lock in moisture and make your hair shiny)

The Verdict

It really does come down to personal preference and location.

Daily showers are better than baths, however, we should save ourselves an hour or so every week to run a bath and have a full cleanse and unwind.
If you’re bath mad and don’t want to give them up, try having a quick shower before getting into your bath to rinse away any bacteria before you relax.

By Abbie Robinson