8 Self-Care Tips

Take these 8 tips and try adapt them in to your everyday life in order to create a healthier mind and body.

Drink a glass a water as soon as you wake up.

Most people wake up dehydrated, making us feel tired and fed up before our day has even started. By drinking a glass of water, this will help your body kickstart and get ready for the day. Benefits of drinking water in the morning, include an increase in your energy, fights toxins in your body and will also boost the complexation of your skin so it becomes more radiant.

Enjoy breakfast.

Make time for breakfast. By following this step, you will see a difference in your mood and energy throughout the day. Your body needs something to eat in the morning in order for it to wake up and start working. By skipping this meal, you’ll feel drowsier throughout the day. A good breakfast will fuel your body, getting it ready for the busy day ahead.

Plan your meals for the week.

By planning your meals for the week ahead, it can help eliminate excuses for not cooking or having a meal you originally planned. Planning meals can save you time and help create a healthier lifestyle. By picking up this habbit will help you put aside time for your mealtime, making sure you eating every meal and getting all the nutrients you need.

Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day.

This doesn’t have to be a 30-minuet gym session, but just including a 30 minuet stroll will be good for you physically and mentally. Getting your body moving will help reduce the chances of the feeling of stiffness, especially in this moment of time where most people are working from home.

Get enough sleep. 

The recommended hours of sleep is 8 but this can differ from person to person. Listen to your body to know how much time your body needs to rest each night. While sleeping, your brain rids itself of toxins, improves memory and recharges. So, make sure your snoozing your way through self-care.

Don’t eat what you don’t like.

You can’t force yourself to like a certain food. If you’re trying to lose weight and are giving yourself a strict diet of foods, you’re not too keen on, stop. You’re never going to feel good while eating things you don’t enjoy. They’ll be other ways to lose weight or become healthier so keep trying different and new things until you find something that works not only for your body but for your mind too.

Detox from technology.

Most of us will be working from a computer all day, finishing work and then looking at a phone or tv screen. Try and reduce your screen time a little bit every day, this could be swapping your phone for a book to unwind before bed or spending some time doing something you enjoy after work.

Plan a day to spend time with friends or family.

Nothing is more important than family or friends as well as being social throughout your week. This can distract you from your work or other things that make be making you stressed. Take this time to relax and enjoy your time with people you like. 

Written by Ellie Trim Images from Unsplashed