9 Tips To Stay Motivated While Studying At Home

Do you find it hard to study at home? Do you loose motivation while trying to learn online? We might just have the answers you are looking for…

Online learning… The new norm. Although it’s not something we want to be doing as students, it is sadly the reality of studying right now.  As we reach the start of a new semester, and another one studying from home, it can be hard to find the motivation to be productive. But look no further, we have 9 top tips to keep you motivated and staying productive throughout the last semester of this academic year…

  1. Create a clean calming workspace

Now I know that when working from home it can be hard to find a quiet place to study. With 60% of employees working from home in 2020 (WFH Statistic), finding a quiet place to work can be a struggle. But once you have found that quiet area of the house, claim it as your study place and create a relaxing environment to work in. Ensure that the workspace is clean by wiping it down and clear the space of any junk. Then, simply light a candle or fill up your oil diffuser to create a calming work area for your studies. Balance Bodywork Massage Therapy have claimed that “rosemary, sage, peppermint, and eucalyptus are great choices for improving concentration, and all are particularly high in a compound called eucalyptol. Research has shown that eucalyptol can significantly improve memory and performance on cognitive tasks!”

2. Get ready everyday

It sounds simple but getting up and getting ready for the day will help you feel more motivated and ready to take on a long day of studying. Sitting in bed all day wearing your pjs will not give you the boost of energy or motivation you need while studying at home. As tempting as it can be to lounge around, treating your days as if you were getting ready to go into uni or work is the best way to keep structure and routine to your daily online sessions. 

3. Plan your days

Creating a schedule and a daily routine has so many benefits. Not only are you more organised but you are more likely to be productive and get more done throughout the day. Get yourself a cute new diary or planner and schedule out every little thing you need to get done that day; including time frames and rest periods for each task. Schedule in your online classes, studying times and other tasks you have to get done, including making meals, exercise and relaxation periods. 

4. Take regular breaks

Now I know that taking regular breaks may seem less productive than grinding away all day but science has proven that “breaks can improve our moods, overall well-being and performance capacity,” says Charlotte Fritz, PhD, an associate professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Not only will it give your eyes a break from the blue light coming from the computer screen but it will also give your brain a break and the time to refresh and energise before getting back to studying. This will help to keep productivity levels up and brain exhaustion down. 

5. Stay active

Being in the middle of a lockdown and stuck at home is bound to make you less active and kind of lazy right? You’re stuck at your desk all day staring at the same four walls, but getting up and staying active is so important for both mental and physical health. Taking the time to go for a walk in nature and getting some fresh air will help boost endorphins; which will lead to you being more productive as your serotonin levels will be higher, increasing motivation and productivity. If you are usual an active gym-goer then try adding in a quick home workout session around the time of your afternoon slump to boost energy levels and get your focus back on track. 

6. Reduce Distractions

It can be easy to get distracted when working from home. Distractions can come from a range of different things including your phone and your family/house mates, etc. To help reduce distraction and get the most out of your study sessions it is important to limit the amount of distractions you have in your work space. For instance, keep your phone out of sight and out of reach; whether that be in a different room, on a shelf or in a drawer. Ensure that your phone is switched off or on silent to reduce temptation to look at it throughout your dedicated study time. In terms of human distractions talk to your family/house mates and let them know you are about to study and ask them to leave you alone and not to distract you during your study time. If they respect you they will also respect that you need your quiet time to study.

7. Stay hydrated

As clique as it may sound, drinking more water and staying hydrated will help keep you mentally and physically healthy. Water is truly a magical substance that does wonders for everyone, but especially those that study hard. If you are dehydrated you are likely to feel sluggish, tired and get headaches which will decrease your motivation levels, leading to procrastination. However, by regularly sipping on water throughout the day it will help keep you feeling fresh, hydrated and focused. 

8. Prioritise sleep

Being a student can turn you into a zombie deprived of sleep, especially near declines. You stay up all night studying, downing all the energy drinks and then wake up in the middle of the day with a lack of motivation and lack of sleep. However, if you prioritise your sleep and create a quality sleep schedule you are more likely to be proactive and productive when it comes to studying. Ensuring you go to bed and get up at the same time each day will help create a regular circadian rhythm. Nicole Mahabir, from CBC Life states, “human error can occur due to fatigue which can affect productivity, motivation, and mental clarity. When we wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day, the quality of our sleep can improve, and help us to feel inspired, invigorated and alert throughout the day,” leading to a more productive study session.

9. Reward yourself 

Finally, the best way to keep motivation and productivity levels up is to plan rewards. Set yourself goals and targets for each day of the things you need to complete. Once they have been completed you can treat yourself with something you love in the evenings. This could be as simple as taking a relaxing bubble bath, enjoying your favourite meal for dinner, watching a movie or doing a hobby you love. By ensuring you set the goals beforehand and the time limit you have to do them in will help keep you focused throughout the day and motivated to reach your maximum potential. 

So now you are all clued up on how to stay motivated while studying at home, it’s time to put these tips into action and go kickstart the productivity.

Written by Fashion & Lifestyle Editor – Emma Ford