Beat the blues with these mood Boosters: A self-help guide to push through the colder months

So, I think it’s safe to say we’re well into Autumn/Winter now and with that could potentially come the winter blues. The lack of sun and shorter days are causing people to feel down, and that’s not what we want. I’m going to share my resolutions and self-care tips to lift our spirits and get into a positive mindset. 

Let’s start with setting the mood, candles simple yet so effective. There’s a scent for everyone to get their nose into, having your favourite aroma around you constantly makes you feel warm and cosy inside. Having a candle lit lifts the atmosphere of any room and almost makes you forget the gloomy days looming outside. A personal favourite of mine is the Primark candles, ranging from £1.50-£6 and guaranteed to find a scent you enjoy. Having a candle lit just makes you feel that little bit more put together right?

What’s the tea? Herbal teas are becoming more popular and it’s safe to say I’ve tried and tested a fair few. Twinings have a whole range of tea’s for anything you could ever need, the Glow tea, Defence and Detox tea’s will give you that little boost of warmth and goodness you may need during the colder months. Get the kettle on!

I personally feel better with a bit of a glow on my skin all year round. Fake tan can be a faff, so Dove’s Summer Revived Self-Tanner body lotion is perfect to lather on and watch it develop into an effortless tan. When you feel better on the outside, you instantly feel better on the inside, even if it’s something small as a bit of tan, I bet it will make the world of difference.

“Good Vibes, Good life” by Vex King is a book I swear by. It’s the ultimate self help book for when you’re down in the dumps, it will teach you life lessons you’ll remember for a long while and a constant reminder to be a bit more positive on your outlook on life, so if life is looking dark and dreary, having a clear and confident mindset is the key to beat the blues. A chapter a morning or night is all you need. 

Hate reading? Don’t worry, Netflix have an array of movies to make sure we’ve always got something to keep us entertained and a way to escape reality for a few hours. Never underestimate the power of a really good film. My top pics that I can’t get enough of are “The Fundamentals of Caring” “The Truman Show” “The Perfect man” and “Step Brothers.” Check them out, guaranteed to be one that will make you smile within the first 5 minutes. Who doesn’t want that? 

Written by Holly Houghton