Booming small businesses from TikTok, that are worth taking a look at

TikTok is mostly popular amongst the so called `Gen-Z` so if you are a young entrepreneur it`s a good place for your small business to reach your target audience. Being consistent, using the correct hashtags and trending music for your videos can do wonders when it comes to promoting the things you sell.

These people “understood the assignment” about promoting their business on Tik Tok. Thousands of followers, millions of views, products selling out faster than ever.


100% natural, vegan, caffeine based, and cruelty free, ayurvedic body scrubs and body balms.

Zak and Zara`s brand is especially good for people who suffer from dry skin or eczema, but the products are safe to use on all skin types. Zara decided to create an all-natural skincare using her Indian heritage, as she was suffering with dry skin problems herself. The reviews are amazing, especially on their body balm sticks, people are loving them. You can check out before and after pictures on their account or on their website.


 10% of their profits are donated to help stop human trafficking in the Indian tea industry.


We are in the first weeks of university, we all want to get more organized. Laura Schmidt`s journal business is a great option to choose to do that. Whether you want to sort out your daily routine or want to get on top of your mental well-being, this business is the one you will not be disappointed in, as she offers journals and planners for multiple different purposes.

Laura herself runs a blog on the website, where she helps with starting and improving your journaling. It`s definitely worth to check out if you are someone who likes to keep physical track of your own improvement.

Alexandra T.