Delicious Breakfast Ideas

Kickstart this Spring with some new and tasty breakfasts. Find your new favourite breakfast within this list.

If you’re wanting to switch up your breakfasts but are lacking ideas, here are some healthy and tasty breakfast ideas that can help. Including quick and easy meals as well as filling ideas that you can try throughout the week.


A very easy and quick breakfast. Perfect if you need something on the go, whether you like a berry or green smoothie more, recipes are easy to find and are growing more and more popular as a breakfast choice. This breakfast choice is perfect for when you don’t feel like sitting down and eating but will still fill you up and keep you going.

Smoothie Bowl

If you have a little more time in the morning and fancy something they might fill you up a bit more then a smoothie by itself, try out a smoothie bowl. Making a smoothie thicker with added granola and fruit creates a delicious and filling breakfast, perfect for those non-stop days.


Although many people look at porridge as a boring meal, there is many things you can add to make it a more exciting meal. Mixing in a condiment of your choice such as peanut butter makes the flavour and meal very different. You can also add fruit to make it more filling and appetising.

Baked Oats 

Something we have all been enjoying lots lately is baked oats. Many people over the 3rd lockdown have been trying and experimenting with new ways to make baked oats, forming lots of scrumptious types and flavours. I would defiantly recommend trying out baked oats as not only do they take minimal time but they also taste amazing!

Banana Pancakes 

If you’re a fan on banana’s then this one may be for you. There are different variations of this meal, some recipes only need as little as 3 ingredients, but the main one will always be banana. Perfect to top with caramel sauce and a perfect little breakfast if you never feel that hungry in the mornings.

Avocado on Toast

Taking it back to the basics, avocado on toast is the perfect filling breakfast to begin your mornings. Adding some seasoning and chopped tomatoes can elevate the breakfast even more to make it super tasty and fun.

Egg on Toast

If avocado isn’t your favourite you could always try an egg instead. This meal only takes a few seconds to make but can fill you up until your next meal. It also makes an easy meal to add more too if you fancy a bigger breakfast some days.

Written by Ellie Trim Images from Pinterest