Estrid’s new body-care essentials

Estrid is a popular Scandinavian razor brand which has recently also branched out to body-care products. They believe that hair removal should be optional, but that great hair removal shouldn’t be.

They are not your typical razor brand. The Swedish company have taken over the self-care industry by offering a fairly priced, cruelty-free, quality razor which has a weighted steel handle, wall mount and luxury soothing strips. The razor leaves customers with super smooth and nourished skin.

Branching out, Estrid have released a trio of body-care products for “women, men, everyone, anyone”. They believe that all bodies deserve to be pampered. The new range is vegan and cruelty-free, whilst also being the ideal companion to their razor.

The trio includes:

All Glow’d Up: A sugar scrub which is perfect for shave-prep and avoiding ingrown hairs. It is a vegan wonder which will leave you feeling silky soft and banish dry skin. This product retails for £10.95 on

Body Fluff: Estrid states that this product is “the fluffiest body treat that you’ll ever meet”. This vegan, whipped daily moisturiser contains a buttery formula which will leave your skin glowing and feeling moisturised. This product retails for £9.95 on

Watermelon Jelly: A-two-in-one shower jelly and shaving cream which allows a smoother shave. The unique vegan formula lathers with friction, turning the cleansing jelly into the perfect shaving cream. This product retails for £8.85 on

The trio boasts Estrid’s new signature scent, which will linger on your skin all day:

Top notes: peach nectar & lemon zest.
Mid notes: honeysuckle & lily of the valley.
Base notes: sandalwood, white amber & musk.

Estrid is revolutionising the approach to shaving and we are excited to see what the future holds for this brand!

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By Jessica Spike