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The convocation about fixing your gut and overall gut health has gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms such as tik tok. A combination of nutritionists, youtubers and fitness influencers have spread the importance of fixing your gut health and mending your unexplained bloating and discomfort to help you achieve overall wellness mentally and physically.

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Gut health Gut health Gut health

Over 95% of your serotonin is produced and housed in your gut, therefor anxiety, Depression and even ADHD can be affected by your gut health. Over 70% of your immune system is also housed in your gut.”

-If your frequently feeling down with colds, improving your gut health will lower your chances of becoming ill.

there’s recently been a 83% increase in google searches regarding mending your gut health

-And as the warm weather is approaching hand in hand with bikini season, feeling and looking your best is at the forefront of most our minds. Prioritising your gut health has become increasingly popular and most of us can’t escape people documenting their positive journeys across socials, influencing us to kickstart our transformation too.

Signs you should consider mending your gut health are all side-effects most of us have shrugged with as just now part of our day-to-day life despite the discomfort and insecurities which come along with them.

‘I bloat after a drop of water’ or ‘I feel like I look 9 months pregnant’ are phrases most of us have said to disregard and normalise our discomfort due to bloating but now the knowledge is becoming more common that we don’t just have to live with our bloating it seems only right for us to want to fix.

Taking time to care for your gut will also minimises common issues such as being gassy and inconsistently needing to go to the toilet.

Constantly craving sugar and carbs such as bready sweet or savoury foods or cookies should not be hated on, but this also could lead to poor gut health and if your tied after eating meals this could also mean prioritising mending your gut could. Make this less of a problem.

-Bloating and discomfort

-Gassy and constantly going to the toilet

-sugar and carb cravings

-Tired after eating

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stop stressing stop stressing stop stressing

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If you feel as if you’re neglecting your gut health but you’re not too sure how to even start there are many small starts you can make to change your lifestyle which is only going to benefit you-Yes, physically but also mentally. With university deadlines quickly approaching it’s so easy for us to let the stress of every single piece of work come over us.

Stress has a direct impact on the gut, prioritising managing stress and figuring out how you work best under stress will benefit you. Taking time to make lists and practice mindfulness when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed is easier said than done but once you’ve worked on this small change too put your mind at ease your body will feel better too.

How do i start? How do i start? How do i start?

Beginning your health journey? you might unintentionally be damaging your gut without even realising. also, as woman other things factor into poor gut health which you might not know about such as being on the birth control pill.

With regards of being in your fitness journey to better yourself mentally and physically bloating might be a uncomfortable and tiring drawback.

-Clear whey protein powders have a common side-effect to cause bloating and discomfort. Making the switch to a vegan protein powder will settle your stomach a lot more, researching the ingredients in your protein powders and building up on your knowledge of what triggers your stomach will benefit you massively.

Food diversity is very important for gut health. Having a Varity of food in your diet benefits your gut and overall health which is usually neglected if you’re eating the same foods repeatedly which is difficult to change if you’re a creature of comfort.

Making variations of protein bowls and adding a source of protein like fish or chicken and a grain like quinoa or rice with any vegetables you have to hand, this is a great way to ad diversity, textures and flavours into your diet when you’re feeling uninspired for lunch or dinner ideas.

Cutting back on processed food and focusing on consuming more wholefoods with give you the biggest benefit.

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Vegan / Plant based diets extremely beneficial to fixing your overall gut health

Gluten free/ be mindful of your gluten intake, Gluten is particularly heavy on your gut which makes it hard to digest

Food breakdown Food breakdown Food breakdown


The most important meal of the day is breakfast, it kicks starts your day waking up your hunger queues for the rest of the day, a good breakfast is a good start and mindset for the rest of your day. When making your breakfast with. Fixing your gut health as the goal you should make sure your breakfast includes a source of protein and healthy fats.

A great example of a good nutritious breakfast is protein oats with fruit.

Oats and berries

You can use berries both fresh and frozen, there’s a common misconception that frozen berries hold less nutrients, but this is wrong, frozen fruit and vegetables are frozen from the point they are most ripe which means they hold all their nutrients all the way up until you’ve eaten them. Berries are really high in antioxygen, vitamin c and crammed full of micronutrients.

Oats are also high in micronutrients and easy to digest which isn’t daunting on your gut.

Berry oats made my me

The essentials

Prebiotic fruit to snack on






Prebiotic vegetables to add to meals




Probiotic rich foods


-Kimchi and kombucha-includes live bacteria

Resistant starch foods




-green bananas

High fibre




Prebiotics are the equivalent of food for your gut’s healthy bacteria, they act like food to help the healthy bacteria grow.

Little changes

-Eliminate triggering food groups if you’re suffering from painful bloating. Common trigger food groups are Gluten, refined sugar, and dairy, they all cause inflammation.

-keep your body moving – this doesn’t necessary mean sweat it out at the gym 7 days a week, but practice low impact workouts, yoga or simply walking around

-add lemon to your water, you should drink lemon water first thing as its good for digestion and supports your liver, drinking lemon water is a god way to start your day as through the night your body is detoxifying.

-Switch out coffee, if coffee is your fuel maybe turn it down a notch and try peppermint tea, green tea or matcha as they don’t give you the crash and burn side-effect which you get from coffee but still provide you with energy.

-wash your fruit and vegetables before cooking with them

-chew food well

– maybe take digestive enzyme supplements to heal your gut alongside changing your lifestyle

Probiotics are live bacteria often described as “good” or “friendly” bacteria.