Have you been brainwashed by music? Here’s how music can impact the way we live.

If you have a love for music then it won’t be anything new to realise that it is a great way to lift your mood. However, my personal experience has had the opposite effect. Although listening to your favourite artists is all good for a sing-along, dance and so on, have you ever thought that your mind could be filling up with all the wrong messages? 

My story.

Not to name specific artists; however, the content repeated in emo-rap which is the music I listen to on a daily basis has affected me a lot more seriously, resulting in complete personality and mind change. When things get repeated they tend to etch into your subconscious which leads to overthinking about whatever that may be. In this case, with the carelessness of yourself, easy ways to take away the pain or to put the pain on hold and constantly feeling miserable with no intention or motivation to better yourself. 

I started to listen to emo-rap in around 2016/17. For the first year or so, I was just a fan of the music, the vocals, hooks and the melodies. Eventually, all of these messages related to glorifying drug misuse, demise and other dark subjects started to take a permanent place in my subconscious. This is something that I didn’t take notice of until it lead to myself being sat down and spoken to as my personality and my mindset was in quite a dangerous place and what I thought was just music was actually an addiction. 

Like a lot of people, I am a huge conspiracy/theory head who loves the think about the ins, outs and endless questions or possibilities about the life we live and the world we live in. What happened before this life? What happens afterwards? The messages in emo-rap question reality and although positivity is quoted, it really does glorify specific substances and all the wrong ways to deal with mental health issues. This is a message that we don’t need to be imprinted into our minds.

From a personal experience, here are some of the signs that you could have been affected. 

  • The lost motivation for day to day activities.
  • Negative thoughts.
  • Questioning reality.
  • Constantly feeling down.
  • What’s the point?

How to take steps to feeling good and bettering yourself!

  • See your GP. 
  • Exercise!
  • Try listening to positive podcasts and relaxing non-verbal music such as jazz, classical etc. 
  • Eat healthy meals.
  • Cut bad habits like smoking, binge drinking and binge eating.
  • Find a hobby and focus on it. 
  • Surround yourself with positive and hard-working people. 

Any of these feel good examples could be what you need to find that sense of purpose that you’re looking for. What do you love to do? What do you love to talk about? Finding your passion whether it’s for music, clothing, nature, cars, the list could go on. There are opportunities out there to live freely and to love what you do. Being as content as can be with yourself is one of the most important things in life and sometimes we need to take a couple of step backs to look at the bigger picture. 

We are only human! 

Written by Alex Luczakiewicz