Healthy habits to keep up during the pandemic this winter

As we adjust to our bleak new world, we need to keep our heads up as we head into an uncertain winter. Many of us are working from home – this can be lonely and isolating. So, here are some healthy habits that will keep you feeling positive this winter.

Rise and Shine

Routine is so important. Setting a reasonable time to get up every day can boost your mood. Numerous people find they are more motivated to go about their day when they are up at a decent time. Having a morning focus, something as simple as making yourself a coffee will kickstart your day in the right way.


Create a list of what daily tasks you need to complete. A to-do list is the easiest, helpful organization tool. Writing lists is a great way to stop your brain from overloading. It also means you can see what it is you need to be doing. To maintain your daily routine, try to have set eating times as this helps to break up your day. Choose a time when you are happy to go to bed that isn’t too late as this ensures you get enough rest. Before going to sleep, give yourself an hour to wind down so that you can fully relax.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Exercise is another healthy habit to maintain during this winter. Depending on where you live, you may not have access to a gym right now. YouTube is home to millions of workout videos meaning there is something for everyone. The Body Coach, also known as Joe Wicks, was very popular on YouTube during the national lockdown creating workout routines for every age. Lilly Sabri is another fitness YouTuber who became very popular this year. Her workouts are apartment-friendly, which are perfect for university students living in halls or those living in flats.

Fitness YouTuber Lilly Sabri

However, workouts aren’t for everyone! Take a walk around your local park to get yourself outside as fresh air is vital for a healthy mind.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with friends; don’t isolate yourself any more than you may already feel. If you’re living in a low-risk area then make the most of being able to meet up with friends in coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

However, if you are facing a local lockdown then the next best thing is FaceTime and Zoom. Host a themed Zoom call with your friends or organise a quiz with your family. Of course, make sure you are looking after yourself, but make it a habit to check in on your family and friends because this winter isn’t going to be easy for anyone.

By Eleanor Coleman