Here’s why you should download the new Beyond app

Fitness influencer Meggan Grubb released her fitness and wellbeing app Beyond last month after her hugely successful live Instagram workouts during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Incorporating workouts, recipes and happiness, here is why you should download the app to boost positivity in your life.

With over one million followers on Instagram, Meggan is known for her fun and motivational take on fitness, and this has been carried over to the app. You can find her workout plans alongside her incredible positivity all in one place, as well as healthy but amazing recipes and meal ideas from collaborating company The Good Bite.

Workout Guides

Beyond includes workout plans for everyone! Whether you are in the gym, at home, a beginner or advanced gym goer Meggan has included workouts suited perfectly for you. All the workouts give you that boost of endorphins your body needs and help you progress to reach all your fitness goals while having fun. And if you need that extra push of motivation, there is a real-time workout section to follow Meggan completing the session herself.


Collaborating ‘The Good Bite’, Beyond has a range of wholesome meals for every time in the day. From simple meals such as penne bolognese to meals that will impress the whole family such as tray bakes and ‘fakeaways’, the recipe library will spice up your life keeping it healthy. My favourite features in this section include being able to turn macros on and off which can help with mental health and being able to create meal plans and a shopping list to add routine and organisation to your life.


The journaling section of the app focuses on your mental health and wellbeing. It encourages you to take time for yourself and think about the positive parts of your life. The daily questions such as ‘What are you going to do for yourself this weekend?’ allow you to change your perspective on day-to-day life and can be used as a way to reflect. All the questions and answers are stored in your gratitude journal which I love as I can read back over what I wrote to inspire positive thoughts and lift my mood.


Beyond is more than an app, it is a community. From the old live workouts during summer 2020, Meggan was able to build a motivational and positive online community who all come together to reach their fitness goals and improve their lives. The community feature is a place where you can ask questions, motivate one another or just chat with others! With topics to choose from such as fitness, relationships, pets and food you can make great friends and join others who love Beyond.

For only £9.99 a month or £23.99 quarterly, Beyond is my new favourite app! I love receiving the push notifications every day to start my day right, motivate me and remind me to love myself especially during a time like this. It reminds me that even when it’s grey outside, there’s blue beyond the clouds. Beyond beats any other fitness app, any online trending diet and helps you beat your own mind: it looks beyond!

Download Beyond here!

By Charlotte Brooks

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